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Blue Velvet Attachments Box
Blue Velvet Attachments Box
Blue Velvet Attachments Box
Blue Velvet Attachments Box
Blue Velvet Attachments Box

Attachments Set, Blue Velvet Singer Box (Vintage Original)

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A SINGER Attachments Set, featured in a royal blue velvet-lined case.  All attachments are Feathe...

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A SINGER Attachments Set, featured in a royal blue velvet-lined case.  All attachments are Featherweight 221 and 222 compatible. This is the most lovely of Singer Featherweight Attachment Collections.  Certainly a treasure and yes, my Stitchery Friends, this one is very scarce to find, especially complete and in such nice condition.

The attachments in this specialty Singer box are all perfect fits for the Featherweight 221 and 222 - the UnderBraider, Shirring Plate, Hemstitcher as well as the others are all the right kind for your Singer Featherweight machine.

It is German made, but the illustration references are not only enjoyable to look at, but easy to understand.

Designed with class and versatility in mind, the blue, velvet-lined case has removable inserts, allowing the manual to be neatly and safely tucked away for later reference.  Take special note of the closure clasp - the detail and intricacy in Attachment display was unsurpassing Singer quality.

Each attachment is formally held in place by rotating clips - reminiscent of something that would be designed for the upper-class of yesteryear.  Truly, a gorgeous collectible.

Included is the unique Underbraider attachment which as you can see from the photos above allows for that "certain something special" on a fashionable garment or craft project. The underbraider guides the braid through while the quilter foot (without the bar) feeds and sews on the backside of the fabric - making the braid appear as if it is "floating" on the front surface. I took extreme close-up photos so you could see that the thread is hardly even noticeable, so be sure to look at all the photographs.

I'm sure you've seen this technique used on old balero jackets, handbags, etc.

This particular box includes a few extra unique and rare items as well ~ the famous Veining or Hemstitcher Attachment, and Shirring Plate.  Unlike the Hemstitcher & Picot Edger Attachment (made later in Singer history), this Hemstitcher Attachment basically attaches to the machine like a presser foot.  This little attachment will do Picot Edging and Hemstitching - easily and beautifully.

The Shirring Plate is another very unique item to add to your collection. Used in conjunction with your Ruffler, this helps to add depth to your ruffle stitching.  It allows you to make rows or deep ruffled hems, if you so choose, and not be limited to gathering only on the edge of a seam. Ordinarily, with the basic Ruffler Attachment, you can only do the "edge" of the fabric. Well, by adjusting the Ruffler and adding this to the bed of your machine, it opens up for more "free" ruffling. You can see how this is done in the photos above.

Your purchase includes the following:

SINGER Attachments Blue-Velvet Lined Case

  1. Ruffler
  2. Tucker
  3. Hemstitcher (with instructions)
  4. Binder
  5. Underbraider (with instructions)
  6. Bias Gauge
  7. Stiletto (VERY rare piece) - this is a wonderful help when trying to ease bias tape binding in the binder, or other fabric in the various attachments
  8. Shirring Plate (with instructions)
  9. Manual


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