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Belt, V-Belt Black 15 3/8 inch [NOT FOR FEATHERWEIGHT]

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Belt, V-Belt Black 15 3/8 inch [NOT FOR FEATHERWEIGHT]

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Referred to as the V-shaped belt, this particular belt will fit Singers with SOLID Handwheels: 15, 66, 99, 99K, 127, 128, 185, 185K, 201, 201K, 206, 206K, 223, 306K, 306W, 319, 327, 328.  This belt will NOT fit a Singer Featherweight.  Please click here for the Featherweight Belts.

Before you get excited about there finally being a good replacement belt available please take note that a lot of the vintage original belts are still going strong and may not need replacing at all. So, definitely check your belt carefully.  "If it isn't broke - don't fix it." 

If after careful inspection, you determine a new belt is needed, then the black reproduction superior-quality soft and pliable belt for your old Singer Sewing Machine is what we recommend first and foremost.