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Blind Stitch Attachment, Singer (Vintage Original)

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Blind Stitch Attachment, Singer (Vintage Original)

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Not only is the Rick Rack "Blind-Stitched", but the hem is as well!  Amazing old Singer Sewing ingenuity, don't you think?  This attachment is called a Blind Stitch Attachment or commonly referred to as a Blind Stitcher.

Take a look closely in the photos above and you will notice that it was a Blind Stitch Attachment that stitched the samples while attached to a Singer Featherweight.

Use the attachment for traditional blind stitching and hemming without the tediousness of doing it by hand.  However, feel free to venture from the mending pile and add a little fun to your sewing with the embellishment of rick rack. 

You can see in one of the photos above that I sewed a dress for my daughter which had rick rack all the way around it - a darling touch for a complementary accent. 

By following the additional instructions (included) and adjusting your stitch regulator just right so as to follow the waves in the rick rack, your hemming will take on a whole new meaning. So, get your rick rack and fabric swatches ready!

I've included several photos of the process, and I used dark thread on the yellow fabric, so you could see where I stitched. Ordinarily, you would use a thread to match your fabric.

Granted, if you are unfamiliar with this attachment, it takes a lot of practice and you will need to follow the directions carefully, slowly and precisely.  Each attachment is tested for proper function.

You will receive with purchase:

  • Blind-Stitch Attachment
  • Instruction Manual & Original Box with the heavier duty Thumb Screw
  • Plus, extra instructions on how to do the Rick Rack insertion