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Bobbin Holder Roll, Empty

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Bobbin Holder Roll, Empty

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A handy way to keep your empty or thread-wound bobbins stored. Compact for easy storage in your Singer Featherweight case; each end cap is removable, allowing you to save and retrieve bobbins easily! April likes to pre-wind a stack of bobbins with her most commonly used quilt-piecing thread (dove grey or light sand) and then she uses one end of the tube to dispense a new threaded bobbin and the other end to replace the empty one. Once the bobbins are all empty, you can prewind them again and start over! With the Bobbin Rolls being transparent, use a roll for each color or several colors, however you prefer.  Your thread is instantly visible in the tube which gives many options for storage style.

These are available in either a SMALL or LARGE size Empty Bobbin Roll. To order, select the size you prefer from the drop-down menu before adding to cart.

SMALL Empty Bobbin Roll:  holds ten (10) Singer Featherweight 221, 222 or 301 bobbins, seven (7) Class 15 bobbins or eight (8) class 66 bobbins.

LARGE Empty Bobbin Roll:  holds fifteen (15) Singer Featherweight 221, 222 or 301 bobbins, ten (10) Class 15 bobbins or eleven (11) class 66 bobbins.

Bobbins and thread are not included.

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