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Case Handle, Green

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Case Handle, Green

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This handle will only work for the Featherweight cases that have the same style handles (see photo above).  The green case handle was found on the original cases for the White Featherweight.  Each handle includes the pins for assembly.

To Assemble:  (This is easiest done with a second set of hands.)  The new pins must be flared on the open end.  Most people don’t have a flaring tool, so you can use a hammer and punch with the case bracket supported on a solid surface.  A small C-Clamp works as well to squeeze the open end and flare it. 

**Please Note** -- These replica “green” handles are not really green.  They’re black handles with a green plasti-dip.  While they might look nice at first, the green can scrape off really easily, so be conscientious of this as you carry your case.  Unfortunately, at this time, this is the only kind available.  Still, one that gets rubbed a little bit is better than none at all, which is why we have made these available.