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Flat Work Darner, Singer (Vintage Original)
using the flatwork darner
featherweight flatwork darner
using the flatwork darner
using the flatwork darner
finished work using the darner
Flat Work Darner, Singer (Vintage Original)

Flat Work Darner, Singer (Vintage Original)

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Vintage original Singer Flat Work Darner can be used for any sewing machine.  Use it for darning ...

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Vintage original Singer Flat Work Darner can be used for any sewing machine.  Use it for darning or free-motion machine embroidery. 

Sampled in the photographs using a Featherweight 221 & 222K but it will accommodate all other Singer Sewing Machine models as well... 15, 66, 99, 185, 192, 201, 206, 306, 319, 328, 401, 403, 404, 500, 503, or even non-Singer Sewing machines - this little hoop will work anywhere!

Most people want this attachment to actually use, so we do not always have them with perfect condition boxes (photo shown is only a sample). Some boxes may be tattered or missing end flaps.  If you are a collector feel free to email us to see photo of actual box available.


I waited to darn my vintage tablecloth until I had the chance to actually sample it with a Singer Flat Work Darner. You will most likely either gasp or chuckle at how I ended up with the two slits in my 'oh-so-vibrantly-vintage-tablecloth'. I was rotary cutting some fabric strips, and being very precise with it, too. That is, until I slipped off the mat and onto my most favorite table linen!

Once I recovered from the initial shock of 'what-to-do', I gently folded it up and put it away until I found the right moment to show you exactly how you can use this particular accessory not only for beautiful machine embroidery, but "practically", too!

With the right instruction, a
feed-dog cover plate and an appropriate embroidery/darning attachment, Machine Embroidery can range from the practical (darning) to the artistic (embroidery).

Just like they did in the "olden days"...

So let's learn to
use it practically, "DARN IT!"

Are you one of those that combs through the yard sales, and estate sales and flea markets you and get quite giddy over a gorgeous vintage cotton table linen (me, too).... only to unfortunately discover a little hole. Hmmmmmmm.... what do you do? Well, barter with that salesman for a flawed tablecloth and bring it home! Because you will be able to fix it and use it!

Pull the cloth taut across the flat part of the darner. And, then be sure to trim your threads before you start.

"Darn It!" ... That's what you ought to do at once as soon as you see a little hole, to make the proverbial stitch that saves nine. But how many of us do it? Darning is one of those tiresome jobs that all the outgoing members of a family seem to think is the duty of the stay-at-home one. However, it is these "out-goers" that can financially contribute, perhaps, to this Singer Flat Work Darner, by increasing the life of their household goods and saving the replacement costs many times over; for darning has now become a pleasure, instead of being put off.

Next, you make a little border around the hole so you have a guide with which to use for subsequent stitching.

Following the grain of the fabric work slowly making sure that your stitches are small and even. Work both directions. The length-wise directional stitching can be longer and more loose, but you will need to follow that up with the short, smooth stitches going in the opposite direction.

This Singer Flat Work Darner is a wonderful invention. Despite that it can be a pricey collectible for today, what it will save you in time, and much more, the joy it will bring you with a completed Embroidery project, certainly cannot be put down in figures.

Click here for instructions on how to use the Flat Work Darner. 

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