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Foot Controller REWIRING SERVICE ONLY (With Form PDF)

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This product is for Foot Controller Rewiring Service only. It is very important to print out the ...

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This product is for Foot Controller Rewiring Service only. It is very important to print out the  submission mail-in form and include it with your foot controller when you mail it in to our shop for rewiring. 


If you forget to print out the form now, upon completion of your order, you will receive an email that says "Your downloads are ready".  This will serve as a reminder to fill out the form before you send in your foot controller for rewiring. (In the email you will have a unique URL link to click on which will lead you back to our website to the identification tag and submission form.) 

In order to maintain Singer Featherweight Foot Controller originality, it is best to retain the vintage bakelite 3-prong plug (the part that plugs into the machine) and rewire it and the foot controller with new cord and wiring which can be found at most hardware stores. This process is time-consuming and quite tedious but keeps the machine complete with original parts. If you do not wish to attempt this process yourself (or if you get stuck in the middle of it), you can mail us your foot controller (aka: foot pedal) with a complete (not broken) Bakelite plug and we will rewire, adjust it test it for proper electrical connection and safety.  We will then return your foot controller to you complete and ready for use. Also, we will extend the length of the cord from the foot controller to the machine by an extra foot to accommodate various table heights.

Again, this purchase is for the Rewiring Service only. You will need to send us a vintage (Bakelite or Metal) foot controller and Bakelite piece that plugs into the machine. We will supply the wiring, new electrical cord, and new foot controller cushions.  Rewiring & new electrical black cord are approximately 72 inches long for each cord, starting at the back of the foot controller.

*If you are unable to test the foot controller to determine whether or not it is working, then see our video on adjusting and testing the foot controller. Furthermore, If questions arise prior to shipping, please call the shop at (208) 880-8887 or contact us here for further service inquiries. We will be happy to assist you.

This service is available only to North America, where the electric current is 110-120 voltage. For 220 voltage foot controllers contact us directly for custom inquiries. 

Service Does Not Include: Foot Controller, Bakelite Plug or replacement of any internal components. If your foot controller has missing or broken parts, we will replace at the prices disclosed on the service form.

BASIC SERVICE ($49.95) Includes:

Rewiring & New Electrical Black Cord, approx. 72 inches long for both cords, starting at the back of the foot controller

Service Does Not Include: Foot Controller, Bakelite Plug or Replacement of any internal components.

Please add this Rewiring Service to your cart, complete checkout and then print and fill out the form below.  Once form is complete, make sure to include it with your Foot Controller for proper identification to our service department.  Feel free to note any known issues that need addressed. 

More questions regarding rewiring or this service?
Feel free to contact us.



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