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Hand Crank Pinker, Singer (Vintage Original)

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Hand Crank Pinker, Singer (Vintage Original)

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This is an original vintage Singer Hand Operated Pinking Machine and will actually cut through paper, fabric or thin leather!  Scrapbookers, Seamstresses, and Upholsterers ~ this unit is appropriate for any sewing or crafting hobby. 

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I've been using my personal pinker for quite some time now using all three different mediums and have not once compromised the blade.  Do you know why?  Because it's actually the pressure of the blade meeting against a steel disk that cuts through the paper, fabric or leather, rather than the sharpness of the blade itself. Believe me, after examining every piece of this gadget (had mine completely apart), the Singer Pinker is an engineering marvel.

Everything is complete and includes:

  1. Pinker
  2. Original large-wave cutting blade
  3. New C-Clamp
  4. Replica Instruction Manual
  5. Original Cutting Guide, Thumbscrew and Marking Arrow. 

    Carmon (the Featherweight Technician) services, oils, tests and samples all Pinkers for our Shop, so you can be assured that the Pinker you will receive from us is ready to use.

If you are wanting an original box, please contact us for availability.  Quite often they tatter and break down with age but once in awhile we will have one to go with the Pinker.  Otherwise, be creative and make yourself a little drawstring bag to keep your Pinker safe and quaintly stored away.


Additional specialty blades (straight and mini-wave) were available at those early Singer Sewing Centers, but only by special request.  They were not supplied as part of the original Hand Crank Pinker set and were far less common.  Thus, they are very scrace to find today.  On rare occasions we will have one or both of the blades available in our Shop.

A C-Clamp is of necessity for the Pinker to work properly because it needs to be securely fastened to a table for the crank to turn freely without the pinker shifting.  If you have a thicker table or surface than the original c-clamp allows, most any new hardware c-clamps will work - just use a larger size (found at most hardware stores).

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