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Hemstitcher and Picot Edger Attachment, Singer (Vintage Original)

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Included with each Hemstitcher Attachment:  Instructions, Sample, & Original Box (although box condition varies with each one due to vintage availability)

The Singer Hemstitcher & Picoting Attachment will only work on specific vintage Singer Sewing Machine models.  Be sure to correlate your model machine with the Hemstitcher Throat Plate Part Numbers above.  #121387 is the part number for the Attachment only.  The part number that is significant is the Throat Plate, because of how each one is designed to fit a specific Singer Sewing Machine model. 

This attachment is difficult to come by with original working, soft, supple, gripping pads on the attachment feet. Time can be rubber's worst enemy simply because after all these years, most of the Hemstitcher Attachments are completely unusable with hard, brittle, or missing pads.  All of our Hemstitchers are either outfitted with either their original or replacement soft, supple gripping pads.


Below is a quick video we made showing
demonstrating the Singer Hemstitcher & Picot Edger...


First, it is easiest to remove a few of the crossthreads so that you have a line which makes it easier to follow and allows for easier piercing of the holes on the first pass. 

Going very, very slowly and gently guiding the fabric with your hands allow the attachment to feed the fabric one stitch rotation at a time - each rotation will create another hole for the hemstitching. 

When you reach the end of the row, you will have Hemstitched the first pass. Carefully lift the presser foot and rotate your work so that you can finish with the second pass. 

Align the piercer with the first hole and going very, very, very slowly, make sure the piercer continues to go exactly in the holes with each commencing stitch rotation.  If it's just a little bit off, then stop and make slight adjustments to the fabric so that the piercer can get back on track. 

As you can see from the photos, the rubber pads are soft and supple, enabling even fabric gripping (an absolute necessity for correct operation)  All of our Hemstitchers are properly working and tested.  Each one is complete with the correct Throat Plate & Attachment Thumb Screw designed specifically for the vintage Singer Sewing Machine model you choose as well as the original box and instructions. A made-for-you sample is also included. 

When placing the Special Throat Plate in position on a Featherweight 221, you need to make sure that the position finger of the bobbin case enters the notch of the position plate attached to the underside of the Special Throat Plate.

Granted, if you are unfamiliar with this attachment, it takes a lot of practice and you will need to follow the instructions slowly, carefully and precisely. It is recommended that you read the manual all the way through before attempting your hemstitching or picot edging.

You will also have the ability to do picot edging or for applique', as you can see in the last few photographs above.  So, just when you've mastered the hemstitching part of this little unit, there is something new to discover and learn! 

Each Hemstitcher Set Includes:

  • Hemstitcher Attachment
  • Correct Throat Plate for your Singer Sewing Machine Model
    (you will need to specify the model - prices vary depending on model selection)
  • Thumb Screw
  • Original Box with Instruction Manual
  • Made-for-You Sample

* While the The Singer Hemstitcher Attachment, Screw, Instructions and even the box can crossover different Singer model machines, it is the Throat Plate that is model-specific. You need the correct Throat Plate for your machine in order for the Hemstitcher to work properly.  A generic feed cover plate will not work, because the Hemstitcher & Picot Edger Throat Plate actually raises the work to the attachment.

Hemstitcher Featherweight 221 Throat Plate Only

We receive requests quite frequently for the much-desired Featherweight 221 Throat Plate 121392. However, because the Throat Plates are model specific and the demand for this particular part number is much greater, the 121392 is more difficult to come by. Unfortunately, they do not venture into the Shoppe very often.  If you are interested in purchasing the plate alone, please e-mail us for availability.  The Throat Plate #121392 is individually priced at $179.95 if we have any currently in stock.