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Light Bulb, LED

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Light Bulb, LED

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Replacement "push-in" style L.E.D. light bulb for the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222K as well as many other vintage Singer models.  Better = brighter, truer, longer lasting and will not burn!  Available in either the WHITE Light or WARM Light.  For those who prefer the light similar to an incandescent bulb, then the Warm light would be the option to choose.

This bulb will fit the following models:  Singer 15, 99, 201, 221, 221J, 221K, 222K, 301, 306, 401, 403, 404, and 500.  Fits perfectly in the Black and Tan and White Featherweights, too!

A traditional incandescent light bulb has 850 LUX, whereas these new brighter bulbs illuminate with 2400 LUX.  NEW AND IMPROVED!  Each individual bulb contains 104 LEDs.  We used to carry the LED bulbs that had 64 little lights inside, but now we carry the 104 which is not only brighter with more little lights, but the 104 LED bulb is more broadly suited to fit many Singer models without concern about flange or socket depth.

(LUX = In photometry, this is used as a measure of light intensity, as perceived by the human eye.)

Comparison photo of older bulb versus newer bulb is also shown above.
Older style 64 LED Bulb
Newer 104 LED Bulb

Unlike the traditional incandescent sewing machine light bulbs, the LED bulb will not get hot or burn you.  After testing it and leaving it on for several hours, it was only very warm to the touch, but not hot.

These LED bulbs are designed to last for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of hours!  That said, because they use a minimal amount of electricity and have extremely fine wiring, they sometimes can be more susceptible to failure with mini power surges and shorts common in vintage sewing machines.  Therefore, keep your machine plugged into a surge protector at all times and we will warranty the bulb for up to 1 year.

Our LED bulbs will fit many styles of old Singer Sewing Machines.  So long as your old Singer takes the same style bulb as the Featherweight, this bulb will fit your machine.  These LED bulbs can be a bit tricky to install.  It is best to set your machine on end on a soft towel or blanket.  Push and twist left to remove old bulb then push and twist right to install the new bulb.  Be patient and if you have someone with smaller fingers, it may be a bit easier.  Once you install it, it will be a lifetime before you have to install one again!

  • 110 volt = North American (USA, Canada, etc.) Electrical Current
    (These bulbs will not work in a 220 volt machine, even if your machine is using a special converter box to enable it to plug into a US outlet.)

  • 220 Volt = UK, Europe, Australia and much of the rest of the world
    (If you are currently using a converter to use your 220 volt machine in North America, then you will want this style bulb.)

*  These bulbs fit ALL style Singer Featherweights - black, white, tan or your specialty-colored machine.

We also carry the 5/8" screw-in base bulb as well (diameter of base). 

To remove the old light bulb, the following tutorial should be helpful.