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Yes, it is magnetic!  The Featherweight is made of cast-aluminum, and so a magnet will not stick to the body of the machine.  However, it easily mounts to the faceplate on your Featherweight 221 or 222K (see photos above).  The silicon pads prevent slipping nor will you have to mess with adhesive on your lovely machine!  Color selection varies as they are sent to us (photo is only a sample) and will be randomly selected at time of order based on stock availability because the colors are always changing.

Adjustable arm allows you to zero in on what you want to see brightly.

In one of the photos above you can see the LED light off, with only the standard Featherweight light illuminating - then quickly switch to the other photo where you can see here how bright it is to focus directly on your stitching work.

When you are finished, simply remove the magnetic light from the faceplate and store it in your Featherweight carrying case until next time.