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Machine Sewing Book, Singer 1953

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MACHINE SEWING Book by the Singer Manufacturing Company - a Teacher’s Textbook subtitled "A TREATISE ON THE CARE AND USE OF FAMILY SEWING MACHINES AND THEIR ATTACHMENTS"

Book is in very good condition with some very slight rubbing to the cover boards.  Pages are intact and complete. 

Photos are samplings of the version of this book we have carried in the past but if you would like to see photos of the actual book represented, please contact us and we will take another photograph for you.  Be sure to see our other books for various publications - the attachments represented in each one varied from year to year.

Published primarily for Teacher’s of Home Economics, these are few and far between and becoming harder and harder to find as more and more Featherweight collectors see the value in owning such a quality book with a wealth of information.

Copyright 1953, and while certainly not specific to the Singer Featherweight 221 or Singer 301A, it is one of the Teacher's Textbook publications that includes information about the portable machines (see photos).  Primarily, this is one of the most excellent resources for Singer Attachment collectors as it references many, many Singer Sewing Machine Attachments - including several of the really scarce attachments!

Nevertheless, it is still one of the most sought-after book for Featherweight owners' collection. Why? Because this edition was published well after the Singer 221 Featherweights were in production, therefore, illustrations are given which reference the actual Featherweight 221 and Case.  This book provides instructions and information for attachments with tips and ideas. The Machine Sewing Book is referenced on Featherweight Fanatics as the best must-have book.

Machine Know-How, Troubleshooting, Stitch Formation, Vibrating or Long Shuttle, Oscillating Hook, Oscillating Shuttle, Rotary Hook, Single Thread Elastic Chain Stitch.

  • Testing a Needle for Straightness
  • Tension Correctness
  • How to Shorten & Replace a Treadle Belt
  • The Principle Parts of Lock-Stitch Sewing Machines and Their Uses
  • Formation of a Lock Stitch
  • Stitch Formation Diagrams for the Vibrating Shuttle
  • Singer Chainstitch Sewing Machine No. 24


  • Chapter on the Binder & Bias Tape
  • Chapter on the Foot Hemmer & Adjustable Hemmer (giving names to each part of the attachment)
  • Chapter on the Tucker
  • Chapter on the Ruffler
  • Chapters on Special Labor-Saving Attachments:

    Darning, Shirring Plate, Gathering Foot, Quilter, Underbraider, Edge-Stitcher, Buttonholes; Binder Attachment, Narrow Hemmer, Adjustable Hemmer, Shirring or Gathering Foot, Ruffler, How to Make Rosettes using your Ruffler Attachment, Quilter, Tucker Attachment, Buttonholer (Did you know you can even monogram or embroider using your Buttonholer Attachment?), Flange Hemmer, Zipper Foot, Blind Stitch Braider, Single Thread Embroidery Attachment #26538, Two-Thread Embroidery Attachment #35505, Gauge Presser Foot with Adjustable Guides, ZigZag Attachment #160620, Blind Stitch Attachment, Singercraft Guide, Hand Crank Pinker, Gripper (Sewing Bird), Embroidery or Darning Attachment 160719, Stocking Darner