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Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine, PATRIOTIC One-Of-A-Kind Specialty - Painted

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You won't find another machine like this one.  Truly, a one-of-a-kind restoration, and we have the privilege of consigning it on behalf of the artist who crafted it.  Whether newly-painted Featherweight machines are something you prefer or not, truly we can all appreciate the stunning work that went into this one.  It's a photograph.... yet it's painted.  AMAZING!

This technique is known as "hydrographics".  It requires a hydrographic film, which has been gravure-printed with the graphic image to be transferred.  That film is then carefully placed on the water's surface in a dipping tank.  Once dipping of the item has begun, the surface tension of the water will allow the pattern to curve around any shape, and as you can see, even a vintage Singer Featherweight.  (If you haven't seen this type of painting process accomplished before, definitely worthwhile to check it out on Youtube! Be sure to watch the hydro dip fails, too, just to give you an idea that this process is not as easy as it looks!)

From April 1, 1941, this AF873*** machine was a rescue and rescued it was!  Now draped in an aged old flag, this Singer Featherweight is a tribute to a portion of our nation's history -- a historical time of war, honor, and freedom; men of honor, integrity and sacrifice; bygone eras of patriotism, victory gardens and knowing how to "make-do".  In those days, you wouldn't toss something out if it could be fixed, mended, or restored to good use.  The household Singer sewing machine gave women the ability to make and mend and work with what they had. 

Completely restored by Rick Armao at Singer Featherweights Revived, this Featherweight is, in a word, stunning.  Rick is an artist and Featherweights are his canvas!  Broken down, chipped and very well worn, he has been able to give new life to many of these old Featherweights, and this Patriotic Featherweight is no exception.... "making do" has in many respects been "made better than it ever was" with this old Singer 221.  One at a time, fastidious and painstaking, he has become well-known in the Featherweight community for his meticulous process of Featherweight restoration.  Featherweight collectors have gladly waited well over a year just to have Rick do the restoration to their machines.  (Note:  Rick is on a hiatus and is no longer taking machines at this time.)  Regardless, I have asked Rick for some photos that he has permitted us to use showing how he completely dismantles the Featherweights he restores.  It's an amazing process and definitely not for the faint of heart! 

Try not to gasp at all those little Featherweight bits!


These pictures come with a caveat -- "don't try this at home!"  Rick is not just a professional paint artist, but a machinist as well.  Proper equipment and machinist skill are needed to get those gears properly aligned, and if you don't do it correctly, your machine may never sound the same again!

You can tell how, even at this stage, that this is going to have a gorgeously smooth finish!

I doubt there was ever a machine with this shine and reflection from the factory floor.  This will be a showcase machine and a prized possession for the Featherweight collector.  It will be a one-of-a-kind for you to pass on to future generations. 

This type of machine is for someone who would appreciate not only the fastidious detail of his artistry and skill, but most importantly, for someone who might understand and appreciate what it means to be graced with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this land of ours.... America.  Land of the free - home of the brave.





Ready to sew right out of the box:  Restored, oiled, serviced and tested.  A stitch sample is included for your assurance of it being ready to sew.  Featherweight has been serviced and calibrated for quilter’s cottons, so you won’t have to worry about tension when you sit down to sew for the first time.  You can also rest knowing that an authentic vintage Singer Featherweight Bobbin Case is most definitely included, assuring you of an original quality stitch all these years later.

Included with Machine: 

Replica Carrying Case, Replica Instruction Manual, Original Foot Controller, and Box of Attachments, which includes:  Ruffler, Adjustable Hemmer, Edge Stitcher, Binder, Narrow Hemmer, and Shirrer

Are you a Quilter?  Additional Quilting Attachments can be purchased, and if you need any Fashion Aids for apparel or ornamental sewing (i.e. Buttonholer, Blind Stitcher, etc...), we will prepare samples for those as well should you decide to purchase them separately.

Free Shipping in the USA through UPS Ground.  Your machine will be thoroughly and carefully packed ~ guaranteed to arrive to you safe and sound.