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Paca Pressing Mat ®, 9" x 12" - 100% ALPACA - SMALL

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Paca Pressing Mat ®, 9" x 12" - 100% ALPACA - SMALL

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Paca Pressing Mat ®, 9" x 12" - 100% Alpaca - SMALL

Pure and natural, 100% Alpaca. The Paca Pressing Mat ® is the most luxurious pressing surface and a wonderful alternative for those who are sensitive to wool, either by fiber or fragrance.  Compared to wool, alpaca has better insulation and dries faster.  Studies have shown that alpaca fiber is about three times more insulating than wool due to the hair follicle structure. This means you can use an iron on COTTON setting when pressing on an alpaca mat. The Alpaca fiber also naturally wicks away moisture and releases it into the air.  This creates an additional heat source underneath your fabric, giving you crisp precision as you iron.  While it is recommended to use a dry iron, if you prefer you can mist your fabric and your quilt seams will lay flat and dry quickly. 

If you do use any spray starches or any gluing techniques, you will need to handwash the Paca Pressing Mat ® periodically with a gentle, mild soap.  Unicorn Clean is great brand for this.

Again, we know and understand that this is a luxurious upgrade from wool, but once you feel it, you'll immediately understand; the alpaca is so incredibly soft!  So, if you are sensitive to wool either by touch or fragrance, then perhaps the Paca Pressing Mat ® will be the answer!  It is an investment, but it will be one of those tools you won't ever want to be without.  Keep it near your sewing area for all those quick little presses... which is perfect right beside your Singer Featherweight!  Having it handy and at your side means less time getting up and down and more time sewing!  (Although, we do recommend taking a few sewing breaks from time to time!)


Because the  Pressing Mat ® is 100% Natural, it also means that it has not been processed with any harsh chemicals at the factory so as to retain the best pressing properties of the alpaca wool.  Moreover, it is almost odorless, making it a good alternative for those who are allergic or sensitive to wool.

Enjoy this video tutorial featuring fellow quilter, designer and manufacturer of the Paca Pressing Mat ®: