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PATTERN, Bee in my Bonnet Cake Walk Quilt Pattern by Lori Holt

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PATTERN, Bee in my Bonnet Cake Walk Quilt Pattern by Lori Holt

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A very sweet quilt pattern by Lori Holt inspired by memories of school and family cake walks. This quilt when finished measures 64" x 70".


What is a Cakewalk you ask?...

We used to have a "cakewalk" every year as part of our towndays celebration in the small town of Herriman, Utah where I grew up.
I remember that my mother, grandmother, aunts and great aunts would all bake thier favorite cakes for donating to the cakewalk.
On the morning of the celebration, the first thing that my brothers and sisters and I would do was to purchase a ticket to enter.
I can still see all of the beautifully decorated cakes on the tables with a number beside each one!
We would try to guess who had made them and what kind they were.
If you have never experienced a cakewalk, this is how I remember it:
We would buy a ticket (proceeds went to the towndays fund) and stand in line
for the next available spot. (About 10 people would go around at the same time)
There were several pieces of colored construction paper taped to the floor
forming a large circle.

Alot of the papers were blank but other papers each had a number written on them that each corresponded with a numbered cake.
Whoever was in charge also ran the record player and as soon as the record started to play, we would "walk" around the circle, stepping from paper to paper until the record was stopped...and then we had to remain on the paper that we had landed on.
If we were lucky there was a number on that paper and we won the cake with the same number!
New papers would then be taped onto
the floor to replace the old ones and the cakewalk would continue with a new group of participants.
The process would be repeated until all of the cakes were gone.
We always came home with 2-3 cakes because we had a large family and all of us participated!
I remember that "Cakewalks" were also a part of our family reunions, school functions and church activities....all of them were treasured childhood memories for me.

Photo credit goes to Lori Holt. Head over to her blog, Bee in my Bonnet, for more creative ideas.