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Pinking Attachment, Singer (Vintage Original)

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This Singer Pinking Attachment that fits the Featherweight 221 or 222K as well as all low, vertical shank SINGER Sewing Machines including the Singer 15, 66, 99, 185, 192, 201, 237, 306, 319, 328, etc.  Please see our video below showing how one works.

Each Complete Pinking Attachment Set Includes:

  • Original Pinking Attachment with Standard Pinking Blade
    Standard Scallop Blade pinks 4 waves per inch.
  • Original Spring-Loaded Thumb Screw
  • Original L-Pin
  • Instruction Manual (Original or Replica, depending on availability)

  • Original Box* (If available, select Box Option above before adding to your Cart.)
    *Box availability varies with each attachment and are often quite tattered.  Email us with for further details. 


All of our Pinking Attachments have been cleaned inside & out, serviced, oiled and completely tuned for proper mechanics. Cutting Wheels (aka: blades or disks) have been double-checked for rust, nicks and ability to cut properly.  As always, we guarantee the products we sell.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Often times the
original cutting guide with marker / pointer were lost, but all of our Pinking Attachment include the original as you can see in the photos above.  This pointer helps you dial-in the width of the pinking strip.

A proper thumb or presser bar screw is necessary, whether it be the original spring-loaded thumb screw that accompanied all Singer Pinking Attachments, or one of our properly-fitting after-market screws with tightening wrench. The attachment is quite heavy and a proper screw helps maintain the balance for appropriate fit.

Do not use a regular thumbscrew - you can see the difference in design as shown in the photograph above.

** Please take note before you purchase just any Singer Pinking Attachment:

Although the Pinking Attachment is made of cast aluminum, it is still quite bulky and heavy (especially for a Featherweight machine) and needs to be securely, snugly attached to the presser bar.  The length of the original Pinking Attachment spring-loaded thumb screw is considerably longer than a standard thumb screw (as shown above) and was specifically designed to be used through the backside of the sewing machine’s presser bar.  Liken this to a dead bolt on a door jam - it goes in deeper and holds the attachment much more securely to the machine, alleviating any unnecessary torque.  The threads on the long screw are also appropriate for the Pinking Attachment. The Attachment itself is made of cast aluminum, so using a standard thumb screw could strip the threads fairly easily without you even realizing it. (We know - we've done it.)

Another thing to consider is the Steel "Plano-Concave" shaped end of the original screw.  The main side of the presser bar is flat; the back side of the presser bar is curved. The special end of the original thumb screw is designed to fit snugly around the backside of the presser bar. A standard thumb screw is designed for the main flat side.  If purchasing a vintage Singer Pinking Attachment it will either need to have the original spring-loaded thumb screw or a specially-sized replacement screw for proper fit and function.

Some pinking attachments had a black, crinkle finish while others had a shiny, Japan black finish.  Attachment will vary depending on availability and supply on hand.

Also included is an L-Shaped pin (these were often lost or misplaced) to help keep the gears from turning when removing the cutting blade, should you ever need to.  We have replacement pins sold individually as well.

Original pinking blade will create a rounded pinked edge, similar to a scallop or rick-rack edge versus an angular zigzagged edge.  Some sewists have difficulty cutting with traditional pinking shears as they can be heavy and tiring to the hands, but the machine-operated pinker will eliminate that strain.


Useful ideas for your Pinking Attachment:

  1. Before washing and drying all fabric cuts after purchase, pink the edges to prevent fraying. Or, do the pinking after washing to give it a nice edge to work with before cutting out a pattern.
  2. “Quiet Book” felt edges will look dainty with the scallop pinking.
  3. Easter Basket Grass - pink some narrow strips of fabric scraps and fill your Easter Baskets to hide those eggs.
  4. Finish edges of seam allowances - pink both seam allowances before pressing open.
  5. Fancy edges for thin leather or suede cloth.
  6. Applique’
  7. Scrapbooking - yes, you can use this Pinking Attachment for scrapbooking and paper-cutting purposes, too.  The blade is not sharp, nor does it ever need sharpening.  It is the pressure of the blade to the eccentric spindle underneath that does the cutting.

SINGER Ball Bearing Pinking Attachment
for use on all Singer Lock-Stitch Family Sewing Machines

The Singer Pinking Attachment makes an attractive pinked edge on a wide variety of fabrics from sheer rayon to heavy suitings, felt, etc. Dressmakers, homeworkers and schools find it useful for producing many beautiful effects. It is readily attached to any Singer lockstitch family sewing machine, with the exception of Singer Machine models 66-1 and 66-3. The Singer Pinking Attachment is simple in construction and easy to operate.

Finish Seams, Trim Dressing Tables & Lamps, Edge Chintz & Waterproof Fabrics ~ suitable for Draperies, Shower Curtains, Picnic Table Covers, Finish Edges on Cabinet Shelving, Leather, Vinyl or Ultra Suede.  Create Seasonal Wall-Hangings, Nursery Decor, or Felt Cloth Book