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Quarter Inch (1/4")  Foot, Open-Toe - SLANT

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Quarter Inch (1/4") Foot, Open-Toe - SLANT

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Open-Toe Quarter Inch 1/4" quilt piecing attachment - scant 1/4-inch seams with precision!  Greater visibility for stitching half-square triangles (HST) and paper piecing (see photos).  If you happen to have the Graduated Throat Plate, then the 1/4" line leads your eye right to the edge of the foot for a scant 1/4" seam allowance.  Otherwise, using the right edge of the foot as you can see in the photos is what you will align your fabric seam allowance to when stitching.  Because of the openness of the foot, you have to stitch a little bit slower as you come to the end of your stitching line and the edge of the fabric, so that the feed dogs will guide the fabric straight.

This foot also works really, really well for paper piecing because you can see the stitching lines so clearly all along the stitch path.

SLANT SHANK:  fits all SLANT shank Singer Sewing Machines (i.e. 301, 301A, 401, 401A, 403, 500, 503, 600 & 700 Series and all other Slant Needle Singer Models) 

Slant shank feet do NOT fit a Singer Featherweight.

The video tutorial below will show and compare all the different 1/4" feet that we carry: