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Seam Ripper and Thread Remover, Double-Sided

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Seam Ripper and Thread Remover, Double-Sided

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Compact and handy tool that no sewist or quilter should be without to fix those seams.  Seam ripper on one end and thread remover on the other. 

Color selection varies as they are sent to us (photo is only a sample) and will be randomly selected at time of order.  The colors are always changing and selection will be based on stock availability.  PERFECT stocking stuffer idea for Christmas gifts!

There is a proper way to use a seam-ripper, do you know how?

Coincidentally, while visiting with a customer from Texas on the phone this week we were discussing the "proper" way to rip a seam using a seam-ripper.  Carolyn was so sweet to share her long-time tip that the ball of the seam ripper goes into the seam first -- this prevents any accidents of cutting the fabric or ripping too far.  Brilliant, isn't it!?!  Scroll through the photos above to see how this handy tool works or watch the video tutorial below: