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Sewline Air Erasable ROLLER BALL PEN

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Sewline Air Erasable ROLLER BALL PEN

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The Sewline Air Erasable Roller Ball Pen contains an advanced technology ink system with 0.8mm ceramic roller ball for fine sharp lines.  The Sewline ink will disappear within 2-10 days from most fabrics, but the ink marking can be immediately erased with water.

What makes this air-erasable pen so nice is that your lines are crisp and perfect with every stroke, unlike the felt tip kind that dry up or get distorted.  You can also make your lines and not be concerned that they will disappear before you have a chance to sew within the next several hours.

It is advisable to remove any visible marks before ironing.  Some fabrics contain sizing or other chemicals which may inhibit ink removal. Always test this Sewline pen on a fabric sample before marking up your project.