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Sewline Trio Colors Erasable Fabric Pencil

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Sewline Trio Colors Erasable Fabric Pencil

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Fabric Mechanical Pencil Trio, by Sewline has 3 colors of ceramic lead all conveniently housed in one pencil. Simply rotate the barrel to choose a color - White, Black, or Pink, 0.9mm lead.  Special CERAMIC leads gives clear, clean lines that are easily removed from most fabrics with the attached eraser (under top pink cap). No more messy chalk or lines you can’t remove! The ceramic leads guide smoothly over fabric with good control.

Wonderful to have for marking half-square triangles, or even to prepare for quilting.

Unscrew the cap on the clip section to expose replaceable eraser.  A standard block eraser can be used or a Sewline Eraser Stick.  Erase lines before ironing.  Washing in warm water will also remove lines from most fabrics. 

Note:  As a precaution it is always advised when marking any fabric, to test on a fabric swatch to ensure lines can be removed satisfactorily.

Refilling:  Hold the mid-section and unscrew the finger grip COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to access the 3-point mechanism.  Pull the empty clear tube from the barrel.  Clear any fragment in the tube and insert only ONE new lead.  Push the tube mechanism back into its place.  Screw back the finger grip section.  Turn the clip-section clockwise to extend the required point.