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Zigzag Attachment, Vintage Singer Automatic

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Still in the original box*, complete with instuctions, different stitch cams and a “made-for-you” sample swatch. This Singer Automatic ZigZagger fits vertical low shank sewing machines including the Singer 15, 66, 99, 101, 127, 128, 185, 192, 201, 221 & 222 FEATHERWEIGHT.

This Singer Fashion Aid provides an infinite variety of attractive ornamental designs merely through the interchange of the different Stitch Patterns and the adjustment of the bight and stitch length. Such decorative effects as applique', scalloped edges, border designs, as well as blind-stitched hems and simple mending can be produced with this attachment.  Adding versatility to your straight-stitch machine, the Automatic ZigZagger enables you to accomplish a great variety of work with a minimum of time and effort - giving your sewing projects that smart professional look.

The photographs above illustrate how applicable this Automatic ZigZagger can be for adding a decorative touch to real-life sewing.

For applique' work, you can see the costume I sewed using the Automatic Zigzagger to satin-stitch the red teardrops to "Snow White's" sleeves.

I used my Singer Featherweight to add symmetrical decorative stitching to a little summer tunic for my daughter from the Oliver + S Swingset Tunic & Skirt Pattern.  The Icicle Stitch from the Automatic ZigZagger Stitch Pattern Set #2 created a scalloped effect, framing the small blue buttons.  I drew equidistant lines (you can use an air or water-erasable marker) to follow so that the decorative stitches would be symmetrical.  The middle, etched groove on the foot of the attachment aids in keeping the drawn lines centered and the decorative stitches straight.

There are many effects that can be experimented with: overcasting, decorative touches, etc.

Remember to stitch carefully and slowly.
  Also, when using the ZigZagger for short, satin stitches it is best to set the sewing machine stitch variation to about 20-25 stitches per inch and a loose tension of 1-2 on the tension dial.

If you need to do straight stitching in the middle of your project, just flip the lever and you can - even while the attachment is still on your machine!

This Singer Automatic ZigZagger Attachment set includes:

  • Automatic ZigZagger Attachment with Thumb Screw
  • Cams Set #1: ZigZag Stitch 161000, Blind Stitch 161001, Domino Stitch 161002 and Arrowhead Stitch 161003
  • Original Box with Instruction Manual

* Box style may vary depending on stock availability (see photos for style variations) and vintage condition.