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Singer Fashion Aids Attachments Case

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The Singer Fashion Aids Attachments Case was originally designed to hold all your Sewing Machine Attachments in one compact location.  Highly collectible all on its own today and yet still serves the same purpose ~ the perfect carry-all companion for your Singer Sewing Machine Attachment Collection!  Photos above are oftentimes a sampling of the cases we have had over the years.

The Fashion Aids Case is slightly smaller than the Featherweight 221 and 222K Sewing Machine case and is just as lightweight and portable for all those wonderful attachments that accompany your machine.

In one of the photos above, you will see that the case was advertised and featured in the SINGER Fashion Aids Booklet.  The identification and placement sheet in the lid would vary as well.  Some would be full-color illustrations and others would just be a diagram, however both styles are original. The diagram was sometimes removable whereas the color illustration was permanently glued in place.

Originally sold at Singer Sewing Centers to assist in keeping all those lovely Fashion Aids, Attachments and Accessories portable and easy to store. For the most part, the attachments inside were standard - Buttonholer, Hemstitcher, Singercraft Guide, Pinker, Skirt Marker, Ruffler, and a small blue bag of basic attachments. But, some cases have been known to store other accessories and rare fashion aids, too - ZigZagger, Single-Thread Embroidery Attachment, Gauge Presser Foot with Gauges and many other fiddlies and do-dads.  The lid insert sometimes diagrammed what would have been included and their appropriate place in the case.

If the insert tray is removable (most of them are), the interior can serve two carrying purposes ~ with all your attachments or for toting fabric and quilt pieces to and fro.  (Attachments and Fabric pieces are not included, but are shown for demonstrative puproses only.)

Although the Fashion Aids Attachment Cases came in a few color selections, the interior slots and sections were identical.  Cases were either Black, Blue, Brown or Grey.  Interior colors varied.

Specifications: 4 1/2" tall, 11 1/2" wide and 9 1/4" deep. Latch and genuine leather, replacement handle function properly.


  • SINGER Fashion Aids Attachments Case with Compartment Tray
  • Genuine Leather Replacement Handle (Original cloth handle on grey case)
  • Original Lid Diagram for Placement of Attachments

  • Fashion Aids Booklet can be downloaded for free by clicking here