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Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine, CHICAGO BADGE 1934 AD721***

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One of the rarest Featherweights in all the world - a Chicago World's Fair 1934 Badged Featherweight 221 with original paperwork from the original owner who first purchased it at the Fair.  With only 10 Chicago Badged Featherweights recorded, this one is especially unique in that Mrs. Loebe knew she was obtaining something special and cherished her machine all through the years.  Yes, she used it, but she surely cared for it - keeping everything tidy and organized.  Please be sure to take note of all the little paper notes she typed out on an old-fashioned typewriter to indicate the uniqueness of her little Featherweight.  This machine is being sold on consignment. 

To learn more about the history of the Singer Featherweight and the Chicago World's Fair, visit our blog, by clicking here.

  1. There are several other things that make this particular Chicago badged Featherweight unique.  First, let's pay special attention to the serial number.  The serial number is AD721***.  This number is actually the second number assigned to this machine by the Singer Manufacturing Company, most likely so it would coincide with a 1934 commission date.  The original number will have to remain a mystery unless you ever have this machine disassembled at some point.  It's hidden, but looking under the arm on the right side, engraved into the surface of the bed, will reveal the serial number Singer originally assigned to it.  There are a couple other Chicago World's Fair Featherweights that have a serial number reassignment, so while it is very uncommon to have this happen, it has been discovered in the past.  Definitely another notch in the extreme scarcity category!
  2. As you'll see in the photographs, this machine carries with it the original brochures and memorabilia from the fair, which is another thing that adds to the uniqueness of this Featherweight.  Turn the pages of the booklet and you'll step back in time -- a time that Mrs. Loebe, the original owner, would have remembered firsthand.  We probably won't ever know for sure, but she might just be one of the visitors photographed in the crowds.
  3. The original foot controller with newly rewired cloth cord exiting the right side of the controller is included as well.  Placement of the exit cord is an important feature because these controllers were often switched or replaced as cords became brittle.  Later models had the cord exiting the left side, or were a different style altogether.
  4. During the Chicago World's Fair, Singer had a "souvenir" from their exhibit - that being the Singercraft Rug Guide.  This also is included in the original box.  The Singercraft Guide carried with it the theme from the Chicago exhibition - "Century of Progress".
  5. A grade 8- has been assigned to this Featherweight.  Considering the age of the machine, being an early model and with a rare, specialty badge, this machine is in very nice condition.  Be sure to view photos and click on each one for close-up detail.
  6. Original Singer "Make It Yourself" plan included with the machine - serial number is written for positive identification.

A Singer Student Manual is also included (shown below).  This was provided to Mrs. Loebe along with her Sewing Certificate.

There is minimal paint and decal wear as you can see from the photos.  There were a couple small paint chips that have been meticulously retouched to preserve and protect the integrity of the machine.

Featherweight historians, JJ & Leo, from The Featherweight  221 Factory, have only logged 10 Chicago badged Featherweights in all their years of keeping records.  It is not known exactly how many specialty-badged machines were actually made for and sold at the Chicago World's Fair, but it was definitely a sewing machine of progress for the theme of the exposition, "A Century of Progress".  This will be a collector's item for you to use and enjoy, yet cherish as a sewing inheritance for future generations.  Click here to read more about it on our blog.

Ready to sew right out of the box:  cleaned, polished, oiled, serviced and tested.  A stitch sample is included for your assurance of being ready to sew.

Included with Machine: 

Original Type II Case & Case Key, Original Manual, Original Small Oil Can, Original Motor Lubricant, Screwdrivers, Singercraft Rug Guide, Two Chicago World's Fair booklets/memorabilia, Original Sewing Certificate and Box of Attachments are included:  Ruffler, Adjustable Hemmer, Edge Stitcher, Binder, Narrow Hemmer, and Shirrer

Be sure to click on any image above to view the details of this scarce Singer Featherweight machine.

Are you a Quilter?  Additional Quilting Attachments can be purchased, and if you need any Fashion Aids for apparel or ornamental sewing (i.e. Buttonholer, Blind Stitcher, etc...), we will prepare samples for those as well should you decide to purchase them separately.

You can also rest knowing that an authentic vintage Singer Featherweight Bobbin Case is most definitely included, assuring you of an original quality stitch all these years later.  It is delightful to think about some of the possible things that were lovingly sewn on this machine in its lifetime, especially one from the very first run!  What will you add to its sewing repertoire - quilts? Apparel?  Whatever you sew, I’m sure your new Featherweight machine will be well loved for many, many more years of sewing life.

Machine has been serviced and calibrated for quilter’s cottons, so you won’t have to worry about tension when you sit down to sew for the first time.

Free Shipping in the USA through UPS Ground.  Your machine will be thoroughly and carefully packed ~ guaranteed to arrive to you safe and sound.