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Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine, TAN JE157***

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A TAN Featherweight that is completely serviced, cleaned, polished, electrically inspected, timed, tuned and sampled - rest assured, this Tan Featherweight 221 will be ready to sew right out of the case.  Powerful original 110v motor that has been completely rewound to provide you with consistent and strong power.  The Tan Featherweights are one of the rarest to find because there were so few of them made, with some estimating their production numbers to be as low as 16,500.

JE 157*** indicates a machine from the early 1960's.  Some of the dating for the White and Tan Featherweights has become obscure due to incomplete records.  You can view some of the records here. This particular one was made in Canada at the St. John's factory.  Singer was trying to take one of their best-selling sewing machine models (the 221 Featherweight) and give it a modern, more updated color and style.  You will notice the color, obviously, but the light housing and faceplate have a more aero-dynamic sleek design (not that this machine was designed for flight, of course).  Some have confused this color with the White Featherweights, but the Tan Featherweight is it's own distinctive color and is basically the same machine as the blac - long bed extension and the internal gearing system are the same.  The badge is a Red S and the case is two-tone tan, even the foot controller has a tan color.

This machine is given a Grade 8-. Due to the lighter color machine, any wear or flaw is a bit more noticeable than on a Black Featherweight of the same caliber.   Be sure to click on any image above to view the machine for closer detail.

Included with Machine:

  1. Original Case
  2. Attachments:
    (Narrow Hemmer, Seam Guide, Shirrer, Binder, Edge Stitcher, Ruffler, Narrow Zipper Foot)
  3. Original Instruction Manual
  4. Pack of 5 Needles

  5. Small Spool of Presencia Thread

  6. Oil Bottle

  7. Motor Lubricant

  8. Spool Pin Spring & Red Felt

  9. Five (5) Extra Bobbins

  10. Large & Small Screwdrivers

  11. Stitch Sample from your machine assuring you of a quality stitch

Are you a Quilter?  Additional Quilting Attachments can be purchased, and if you need any Fashion Aids for apparel or ornamental sewing (i.e. Buttonholer, Blind Stitcher, etc...), we will prepare samples for those as well should you decide to purchase them separately.

You can also rest knowing that the Original Bobbin Case is most definitely included, assuring you of an original quality stitch all these years later.  It is a delightful thought to think about some of the possible things that were lovingly sewn on this machine in its lifetime.  What will you add to its sewing repertoire - quilts? Apparel?  Whatever you sew, I’m sure your new Featherweight machine will be well loved for many, many more years of sewing life.

Machine has been serviced and calibrated for quilter’s cottons, so you won’t have to worry about tension when you receive your machine, but having a numbered tension dial will make it easier to set it back should you need to adjust it for any reason.

Free Shipping in the USA through UPS Ground.  Your machine will be thoroughly and carefully packed ~ guaranteed to arrive to you safe and sound.