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Singer Featherweight 222K Sewing Machine EM9584**

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This Singer Featherweight 222K glistens beautifully and appears to have been unused.  It is truly stunning!  

The commission date of this machine falls on November 15th, 1957.  Completely serviced, cleaned, polished, electrically inspected, timed, tuned and sampled - rest assured, this Featherweight 222 will be ready to sew right out of the case.  This machine is fitted with its original 220 volt motor that has been rewound to 110 volts.  You can plug it in any North American outlet and begin sewing; you will not have to worry about needing an electrical converter. 

There are a couple of very small areas that we are unsure about, but we want to note them nonetheless.  We find this so incredibly interesting considering there are no pin scratch or signs of sewing use anywhere on the bed.  So, unless we unwrapped this machine from its original factory sealed box there really isn't any way to know if this was how it was originally or if there was a slight rub or bump in storage.  That being said, the areas to note are two small rubs on the front and a couple tiny flecks on the back surface. As such, we give this gorgeous machine a Grade 9-

If you've never purchased a machine from The Singer Featherweight Shop before, it is a rather distinguished experience.  Each machine receives about hours upon hours of cleaning, polishing, certified sewing machine service, stitch sampling and overall Featherweight preparation for each and every customer.  Our grading system is very, very particular so that you can be assured that the grade it is given is the graded machine you will receive.  As soon as your Featherweight arrives to you in the mail, you will also notice how fastidious we are in the packaging care and wrapping - making your Singer Featherweight purchase extra special and something you will always remember.  Our guarantee is another tangible reminder that we are here to assist you with any Featherweight questions, long after the sale.


Please take note of the Feed Dog Lowering Lever indicated by SEW & DARN.  This enables free-motion embroidery & darning.  You can go from ‘SEW’ing to ‘DARN’ing just by pulling on the lever and then lowering it down to the Darn position.  This will lower your feed dogs (teeth-like mechanism) enabling Free-Motion work.

Bed extension removed reveals the tiniest little free-arm - perfect for tight seams and hard-to-reach places.  On her personal 222, April was able to repair a little loop on her daughter’s mary jane leather shoe - all because the little free-arm enabled her to stitch inside and at the right angle.

All machines go through an electrical-safety inspection - of vital importance when making the upgrade, and most importantly, to have the assurance that your sewing machine is safe to "today's" electrical standards.  All you have to do is plug it in and begin sewing!

The Featherweight 222 / 222K’s that we sell are always USA and CANADA (North American) electrically compatible!  That is, they run on 110 voltage / current.  You will not need to purchase a separate voltage converter


Included with Machine:

  1. Original Case (lovely condition)
  2. Basic Attachments: Ruffler, Edge Stitcher, Narrow Hemmer, Adjustable Hemmer, Shirrer, Binder
  3. Original French 222K Instruction Manual 
  4. Spool Pin Spring & Red Felt
  5. Small and Large Screwdrivers
  6. Original 222K Embroidery Foot #171071
  7. Original 222K Embroidery Hoop
  8. Oil Bottle with Oil
  9. Motor Lubricant
  10. Five (5) Extra Bobbins
  11. Presencia Thread
  12. Schmetz Microtex Needles
  13. Stitch Sample from your machine assuring you of a quality stitch

Are you a Quilter?  Additional Quilting Attachments can be purchased, and if you need any Fashion Aids for apparel or ornamental sewing (i.e. Buttonholer, Blind Stitcher, etc...), we will prepare samples for those as well should you decide to purchase them separately.

You can also rest knowing that the Original Bobbin Case is most definitely included, assuring you of an original quality stitch all these years later.  It is a delightful thought to think about some of the possible things that were lovingly sewn on this machine in its lifetime.  What will you add to its sewing repertoire - quilts? Apparel?  Whatever you sew, I’m sure your new Featherweight machine will be well loved for many, many more years of sewing life.

Machine has been serviced and calibrated for quilter’s cottons, so you won’t have to worry about tension when you receive your machine, but having a numbered tension dial will make it easier to set it back should you need to adjust it for any reason.

Machine is fitted with its original striated faceplate and the original case includes the tray for holding the box of attachments, manual, etc..

Free Shipping in the USA through UPS Ground.  Your machine will be thoroughly and carefully packed ~ guaranteed to arrive to you safe and sound.