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Walking Presser Foot "Penguin", Vintage Singer

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Walking Presser Foot "Penguin", Vintage Singer

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This Walking Foot has been discounted because it has a replica manual and the top of the box has tape residue from where one small strip of tape used to be.  Also, the bottom of the box is discolored from sewing machine oil.  If you would like to see photos, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

For complete detail about this attachment, be sure to click here to read more about it and watch our video tutorial.  Box condition & manual may vary, so please contact us, if you have any questions.  Right now, we only have one that has a slightly tattered box and includes an original instruction manual.  Please note:  we only get one or two of these every couple years - they are very scarce to find!

The Singer Walking Presser Foot is designed to produce superior stitching on fabrics which by the nature of their texture, surface, or weave, tend to ease, stretch, or adhere when stitching. Fabrics typical of the group are: Plastics and coated fabrics, Napped fabrics, Pile fabrics, Rough texture fabrics, Knitted fabrics, Polished surface fabrics.

It is also recommended for stitching suede leather, kid, capeskin and fine supple leather used for wearing apparel or trimming accents.

The construction of the Walking Presser Foot provides two toes; the left moves in unison with the feed of the sewing machine, carrying the two plies of material without slipping or stretching; the right toe holds the material firmly in position while the left toe returns for each succeeding stitch.

The delicate but firm handling of the material makes the SINGER Walking Presser Foot especially useful in many construction and finishing steps in sewing, where several layers of fabric are stitched, where bias edges are joined, and where fabrics of different textures are combined such as in:

  • Binding Blankets and other binding operations where binding is guided by hand
  • Stitching pre-folded hems, or free hand hems in fabrics and plastics
  • Stay stitching of bias edges
  • Stitching curved and bias seams
  • Welt or slotted Seams
  • Multiple stitching on lapels and facings and Applying patch pockets

Take note of the different toes and applications in the photos above…

  1. Inside of outer right toe allows you to achieve a perfect 1/4″ seam
  2. Outer edge of far right toe allows a 3/8″ seam – perfectly in line for a 3/8 inch double-fold binding seam
  3. Outer edge of left big toe also serves as a 1/4″ guide.  Perfect to use for quilting just inside the block seam.
  4. Inside of inner left toe – perfect guide for “Stitching in the Ditch”