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Fagoter Singercraft, Singer (Vintage Original)

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This is a vintage original Singer Singercraft Fagoter Attachment Set. Originally sold as a separate accessory in the old Singer Sewing Center stores. They can be found amongst many vintage Singer Sewing Machine models, including the 15, 66, 99, 201, 221 Featherweight and more.  However, if you have a low, vertical shank Sewing Machine - no matter the brand, this Fashion Aid will be a great addition to unique creativity.

You can use crochet thread, ribbon, cording, yarn, braid, etc. and you can wrap it however you want to for your project.  I made over 100 inches awhile ago so that I could have it at the ready for my next special creation.

Pretty lace edging, lattice-work or ladder weaving are just a select sampling above that can be accomplished.  A smaller sized needle is best so that it can catch the thread or stay-line.  The stay-lines help keep the design in place.

The Stripper piece helps remove the fagotting easily just by running it down the side of the teeth on the Fagoter unit.

The Singercraft Fagoter produces fagoting, lace-like bandings, edgings, braid and lattice trim in great variety, combining the fascination and art of handwork with the speed and accuracy of machine production.

Neither special skill nor tedious practice is needed in order to produce quickly and easily perfect fagoting this new way. Just weave on the materials of your choice and stitch. And by slight variations in these fundamental operations, a surprisingly wide range of effects is obtainable. The character of the work produced depends upon the weave, colors and materials chosen.

Fagoting is always recognized as a mark of distinction and good taste, whether it be applied to fashions or home furnishings, and now that the Singercraft Fagoter insures accurate results, there is no end to the smart and original expression possible in ed and table linens, curtains and pillows, millinery, dresses, accessories, lingerie and children's clothes.

MATERIALS: All cords, whether cotton, mercerized, linen, rayon or silk, are suitable for this design-forming medium. Wool, raffia, boucle or guimpe yarns may also be employed. The size of cord or yarn used for the stay lines should not be finer than size 3 in cotton, rayon and linen cords because these most fit into the groove of the Fagoter Foot, provided for this purpose, to keep the fagoting even and strong. The stay lines set as a further guide when applying or inserting the fagoting on or into the article under construction, insuring accurately spaced seams and a smooth under finish.

COLORS: the colors chosen may be matching, contrasting or combined, depending on personal taste and the nature of the article being made.

WEAVES: The Figure 8 and the Ladder Weave are most commonly used. All other weaves are developed from these two. The number of prongs covered or skipped, the slant of the weave and the combination of weaves afford great variety of design.

STAY LINES: These are the two cords which hold together the weave of the design. A small stitch, approximately 15 to the inch, should be used to insure strength.

Included:  Fagoter, Stripper, Attachment Foot, Instruction Manual complete in the Original Box.  The Stripper and Foot Attachment are so often missing, however, this set is complete.