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Stocking Darner, Singer (Vintage Original)

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Stocking Darner, Singer (Vintage Original)

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Singer Stocking Darner to use with any sewing machine to darn those stockings or socks!

This vintage original Singer Accessory will accommodate all Sewing Machines, even non-Singer Sewing Machines!

You will also need an
Embroidery Attachment and Feed Cover Plate (or have a machine that can lower the feed dogs) to use the Stocking Darner as photographed.

Darner finish (black or chromium), style & availability as well as the box condition may vary based on current inventory. Please email us if you would like specifics as to what is in stock.

Embroidery Attachment & Feed Cover Plate are not included, but are available separately. 


At the request of a customer awhile back, I decided to demonstrate this attachment and show it actually being used.  I think you will not only find it useful but probably entertaining.  In these days of being economically mindful, impress yourself (and your family!) by repairing holey socks in a pinch.  Especially fun for the vintage purists who want to darn or mend the old fashioned way!  Please view photographs for details.

This Singer Stocking Darner is a wonderful invention. It will save you time and give satisfaction for its provision!

So let's learn to "Darn It!" ... That's what you ought to do at once - as soon as you see a little hole, to make the proverbial stitch that saves nine. But how many of us do it? Darning is one of those tiresome jobs that all the outgoing members of a family seem to think is the duty of the stay-at-home one. However, it is these "out-goers" that can financially contribute, perhaps, to this Singer Stocking Darner, by increasing the life of their household goods and saving the replacement costs many times over; for darning has now become a pleasure, instead of being put off.