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Zigzag Attachment, Vintage Swiss Zigzagger & Walking Foot

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The pinnacle of all ZigZag Attachments!  Still in the original box, complete with Instuction Manual (replica), Feed Cover Plate with screw and 5 or 10 different stitch cams, depending on which option you select above. This Singer Automatic Zig-Zag Attachment fits vertical low shank sewing machines including the Singer 15, 66, 99, 101, 127, 128, 185, 192, 201, 221 & 222 FEATHERWEIGHT.

What an amazing little contraption this is -- Singer ingenuity has no bounds, even today!

 Attachment is Made in Switzerland

Some of the later Swiss Zigzaggers had the plastic housing added to them.  If the attachment does have one, it is really only for decorative purposes.  Sometimes I have found that the plastic housing gets in the way and have just removed it to be like the earlier models, but you can do what you prefer.  Stock availability will vary.  Each Swiss Zigzag Attachment is working and tested.


ZigZag Attachment Features:

  • ZigZag
  • Applique'
  • Overcast Seams
  • Walking or Even Feed Foot
  • Lace Insertion
  • Blind Stitching
  • Zigzag over Cord


The Swiss Singer ZigZagger has a whimsical and perfect "zigzaggy-ness", don’t you think?  While it can be a bit of a challenge to zigzag with other zigzaggers because the attachment is moving the fabric back and forth - this one has the best 'gripping' teeth and its own feed mechanism (hence, the walking foot feature).  This makes it easier to zigzag straight without puckering the fabric.  There are lots of photos above, so be sure to take a peek at them all.  If you ever felt limited on your Featherweight by the simple straight stitch - limit yourself no more!

This is a very uniquely designed Singer ZigZagger and, perhaps, it can be attributed to the Swiss' renowned precision.  Its sleek design and simplistic ability for decorative stitching make it a wonderful accessory to have in your Singer Attachment collection.  Quickly switch the little disks and go from straight stitching to zigzag stitching to blind stitching to fashion stitching, etc.

Perfect Featherweight Case Size - Small, lightweight and compact - the disks, attachment and attaching screw all fit into the little cream colored box - and fits quaintly in one hand.

  • By removing the cam completely, this little ZigZagger will do a plain back and forth ZigZag Stitch.
  • By adjusting the bight width, the cams can make different styles.  Adjusting your stitch length will also greatly affect the design of the stitch.

This Singer Automatic ZigZag Attachment is designed to produce regular zigzag stitches and a wide variety of ornamental stitches.  It is so simple to operate that you will be able to create intricate designs and effects after studying the instructions and a little practice. 

Play with your tension and various thread styles and fun effects can also be achieved.

Need to overedge a seam?  Don't have a serger?
This attachment does it the old-fashioned way ~ BEAUTIFULLY!

This ZigZag Attachment makes the widest zigzag stitch I've seen compared to any other ZigZag Attachment available to low, vertical shank, forward/reverse only machines.

5 or 10 Disks with multiple attachment adjustments, not to mention tension and stitch length adjustments --- that only means EXPONENTIAL stitch pattern designs!



The Swiss ZigZagger IS ALSO A WALKING FOOT!  And a VERY nice one, too.


The most outstanding feature of this Singer ZigZag Attachment is its own feeding device which operates completely independent of the machine feed.

Remove your feed cover plate so that the machine's feed dogs are exposed then take note of the teeth or feed on the attachment.  This is now one of those 'ultimate' attachments for your Featherweight ... because not only does it do basic zigzag, but it does multiple stitch decoratives, appliques, blind stitches, and above all it is PERFECT as a WALKING FOOT!*
  Now you can use it actually do some quilting on your sewing machine!

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