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green needle space holder
choose from green, black, or gold
black needle space holder
black needle space holder
needle space holder
black needle space holder
jadeite green needle space holder
golden yellow needle space holder

The Needle Space (Needle Holder)

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Not many of us have searched for a needle in a haystack, but if you sew, you’ve probably hunted ...

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Not many of us have searched for a needle in a haystack, but if you sew, you’ve probably hunted for a needle in a pile of pattern pieces, fabric, and notions. And when you found it, if you’re like so many of us, you didn’t know what type or size needle you’d discovered!

Today we have dozens of types and sizes of machine needles, for heirloom, quilting, crafts, and home décor sewing. If you have struggled to find a convenient way to keep those little packs of needles organized here's the solution. This will help in identifying the needle currently in your machine, especially if it’s been some time between projects.

The different size compartments allow for storage of the various brands and sizes of needle packages. You can use one side for woven needles and the other for knits, arranged from small to large size. Another way to organize might be to order them from most commonly used to your specialty needles. You will discover the best way to organize your needle packs in The Needle Space! The little bump-out in the front center is the solution for remembering what needle is currently in your machine! Just place the pack there when starting to sew, and next time you won’t have to pull out your extra-strength reading glasses or magnifying glass!

I think you’ll find that having your machine needles organized and accessible makes sewing time more efficient and enjoyable!

The Needle Space boxes are formed with PLA, a nontoxic plastic made from plant products. Products made from PLA last for many years with normal use. Exposure to high temperatures should be avoided.

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