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Thread Cutter Attachment - Trim & Clip (vintage)

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Thread Cutter Attachment - Trim & Clip (vintage)

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This Singer Trim & Clip attachment is very scarce to find!   It cuts and holds your bobbin and needle thread ends! It helps prevent your needle from un-threading, thread snarls, saves thread, cuts thread and saves time and motion. This rare attachment will fit your Singer Featherweight 221, 221K, and 222K, White, Tan and other low shank machines. It will also work on ALL Singer slant shank sewing machines 301, 401, 500... ect.

To attach the Trim & Clip to your sewing machine loosen the presser foot thumb screw and slip the Trim & Clip in between the thumb screw and foot and tighten the screw.
When you are at the end of what you are stitching raise your presser foot and draw your work back and to the left. Pass the threads around back of spring, draw your work up and forward so that the thread is caught in the spring and give it a slight tug to cut the threads. Now your threads are held in the proper position to start sewing again and you don't have to worry about holding your tails or having them get sucked down into the bobbin and making a mess!