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Throat Plate for Hemstitcher & Picot Edger Attachment, (Vintage Singer)

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Throat Plate for Hemstitcher & Picot Edger Attachment, (Vintage Singer)

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We receive requests quite frequently for the much-desired Featherweight 221 Throat Plate 121392 for use with the Singer Hemstitcher and Picot Edger Attachment. However, because the Throat Plates are model specific and the demand for this particular part number is much greater, the #121392 is more difficult to come by.

The Singer Hemstitcher & Picoting Attachment will only work on specific vintage Singer Sewing Machine models.  Be sure to correlate your model machine with the Hemstitcher Throat Plate Part Numbers above.  #121387 is the part number for the Attachment only.  The part number that is signicifant is the Throat Plate, because of how each one is designed to fit a specific Singer Sewing Machine model. 

While the The Singer Hemstitcher Attachment, Screw, Instructions and even the box can crossover different Singer model machines, it is the Throat Plate that is model-specific. You need the correct Throat Plate for your machine in order for the Hemstitcher to work properly.  A generic feed cover plate will not work, because the Hemstitcher & Picot Edger Throat Plate actually raises the work to the attachment.

This item is for the Throat Plate #121392 only. Attachment Set is not included, however, for more information about the Singer Hemstitcher & Picoting Attachment, click here.