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Universal Embroidery and Darning Wire Spring Foot, Singer (Vintage Original)

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Universal Embroidery and Darning Wire Spring Foot, Singer (Vintage Original)

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The embroidery and darning wire foot is universal so it fits any type of sewing machine including the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222k! This foot was produced before the Singer buttonhole attachment was readily available as an upgrade from hand bound buttonholes.

Each foot comes with a copy of original instructions but the box is not included.

Remove the pressure-foot from the machine. If you have a White, National, Kenmore, Domestic, Minnesota, Graybar and others with a large thumb screw on foot bar - take it off by loosening small screw.

Place attachment on the needle with the ARM over the needle-clamp as shown in illustration. Thread the machine as usual for sewing, drop thread down thought center of spring and then through the eye of he needle. NOTICE - Be sure the lever that raises the pressure-foot is DOWN at all times. DO NOT GUIDE WORK FAST but run machine fast and the work SLOWLY.


In the original instructions there is a cute instruction and we thought you would enjoy the little quip as well:

Do not blame the Darner for your mistakes.  If needle breaks you are invariably guiding the work too fast, bending the needle, causing it to miss the hole in the feed cover plate.  If thread breaks find the cause, as the Darner is only a foot on the needle.