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Zigzagger - Chadwick fits the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 (vintage)

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Zigzagger - Chadwick fits the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 (vintage)

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This attachment is quick and easy to learn - with a simple adjustment on the back of the unit, you can create a wide zig zag or narrow zig zag. Also, by adjusting the stitch length on your machine, you can have a long stitch or short, satin stitch.  You can zigzag over cord, too!  It still takes a bit of practice because the attachment is moving the fabric back and forth as opposed to the needle moving back and forth on new machines today.  But, once you get the knack for how it operates you will learn how to use your fingers to guide the fabric in slowly and methodically for straight lines.

Small and compact it is easily stored in your Featherweight Sewing Machine Case and quickly attached with your thumb screw.  

I have found that the Attachment ZigZaggers are best suited for light applique' work - and are easiest to maneuver/guide for short, satin-type stitching. The longer zigzag stitches are possible, but take much more practice - I have used mine in a pinch when I didn't have my serger accessible and I needed to finish (zigzag) an inside seam. 

For use on all Singer Lock-Stitch low shank Sewing Machines (i.e. 15, 66, 99, 185, 192 (Spartan), 201 and, of course, the Featherweight 221 or 222). You will have much enjoyment giving your straight stitch machine versatility.

You will receive the ZigZag Attachment and Replica Instructions.