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Zipper Foot Adjustable, Invisible

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Zipper Foot Adjustable, Invisible

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Are you feeling intimidated to sew in an invisible zipper?  This new attachment will help ease your fear and actually surprise you with how easy it really is to accomplish. 

I have found this to be much simpler to use than the little packaged plastic pieces. This low shank invisible zipper foot has a clear or somewhat opaque foot mounted to a metal attachment bracket which has a screw on the backside for adjusting the foot from side-to-side, depending on where you want the needle. 

  1. Stitch a basting line on the fabric along the seam allowances so that I can align the zipper tape correctly. 
  2. Press the zipper out flat. 
  3. Then with right sides together, allow the teeth to set in the groove opposite the seam allowance edge.
  4. Make sure your needle is catching the zipper tape correctly and stitch. 

Most hidden zippers are accompanied with instructions for inserting it into the seam - now you will have an easy foot to use for application! 

When you need to stitch the bottom section of the zipper tape in place, you can use the outer edge of the attachment.