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Article: Engaged!



Our employee, Rebekah, arrived to work today.... with Carm, Christian and Ruthie and I anxiously awaiting her to walk in the door.  You see, we had "Going to the Chapel...." (by the Dixie Cups) on pause, ready for my finger to hit play.  As soon as she brought the mail bins in the music blasted.  It was all smiles and joyous excitement as we reminisced the activities of the day before.  Rebekah was now engaged!  

Our church family gathered for fellowship at our home yesterday.  We do this as families most every Sunday together, actually, so that wasn't unusual, but it just so happened that this Sunday we gathered at our house.  It also just so happened to be the day and place that Rebekah's (now) fiance' decided to propose!  While none of us were surprised at this official engagement, we were sort of surprised it was at our place!  We were so honored!  What a sweet memory for all of us!  I cried.  It was so sweet and special and joy-filled.  Seeing the excitement and delight in Rebekah after watching their budding relationship blossom these past many months and weeks thrilled my heart.  And Burl... he adores her.  His sweet tenderness and love reminds me so much of Carmon over 20 years ago.  Burl smiles all the time and it's so cute!

Our view from the dining room afforded a small glimpse at the beginning of their life ever after...  we didn't think quick enough to take pictures but it sure made for some timeless photos after, don't you think?

We are so happy for you, Rebekah... and while we know your time of ric rac packaging may come to an end soon, we couldn't be more pleased as to the reason.  May God richly bless your marriage and His name glorified by your union.  We sure do love you!  ♡♡♡