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Let's Take a Tour of the New Website
by April Henry

The Singer Featherweight Shop
As of last week, some of you have already discovered our newly remodeled website, but for those of you who are new, let me give you a little tour!

So much to glean from, even from the Home Page!

First stop -- the Schoolhouse!  This is probably the best feature of our new site.  It has the most comprehensive Featherweight data all in one place.  Dating, History, but most importantly the Tutorials and Maintenance that will be continually forthcoming as Carmon produces more videos with information.

Singer Featherweight Schoolhouse

You can see in the image above all the arrows indicating the different areas you should take particular notice.  The top right area of the website has a search bar which will allow you to search anything and everything on the site.  So, for example, if you do a search for belt - it will bring up the tutorials as well as the products related to the Singer Featherweight belt.  Super easy to find all the information in one search!

1.)  The top three numbered categories will probably be the most popular of the Featherweight Schoolhouse.  You can read page after page after page of Historical documentation, photographs, as well as a comprehensive timeline with all the intricate details and changes that Singer made to the Featherweight from its beginnings in 1933 to the last machines in the late 1960's.  Our son, Christian, is the Featherweight family historian, and he will be adding more photos to illustrate and further document each of these unique characteristics.  He's getting the Texas ready for a photoshoot very soon!  Stay tuned!

2.)  Maintenance and Tutorials - check back regularly for more tutorials on how to maintain your machine!

3.)  Don't forget to note the Resources section, too.  It will be another valuable place to refer back to often.  This is where you will find the dating charts, birthdate machines, how to pack and ship a Featherweight as well the common FAQs related to the Singer Featherweight.  You will also find several of Graham Forsdyke's documented information from his original website.  The Chamber of Horrors was always a shocking (but sad) one to read!


 At the bottom of the website on every page you can sign up for our Newsletter!

4.)  Another area of particular interest will be the Owners Handbook and Service Manuals.  Here you can download all manuals for free.  Save them to your computer, phone or iPad or print them for larger print reference.  You'll notice there is a special Addendum to the Service Manual.  This includes service information to the 222K specifically.

5.)  If you are an attachment collector and want to know all there is to know about the various Singer Attachments and Accessories, then you will really enjoy this area.  It's taken some time, but April has catalogued and listed all the Singer Attachments, their respective part numbers and uploaded all the instruction manuals for each attachment -- all for you to download and have as a free source of reference. 

6.)  Miscellaneous - this is where we put those topics we didn't quite know where else to put.  We figured it would balance the categories out, too, and leave a spot for other knick knacks that might need an organized spot to link.  So, if you think of something, let us know, okay?

Singer Featherweight Shop

The Shop has been made easy to navigate as well.  Simply click on shop at the top of the website and you will be taken to all of our products available.  The side menu has various categories to choose from, and then each category has its own subcategories for narrowing down your search as well.  We tried to tag products that were relevant to several categories so the a light bulb might be found in the light subcategory as well as the electrical subcategory.  But, again, if you don't find what you need in the category, you can always do a search in the search bar at the top of the page.

Singer Featherweight Shop

OH!  I almost forgot one thing... if you find a product that is out of stock, we have a wonderful feature that allows you to be notified as soon as we update the inventory again.  (** That said, if you were a subscriber to a product on the old website, you'll need to sign up for that item again.  We tried and tried to get that information to transfer over, but it just wasn't possible, unfortunately.)

Simply find the item or select from the style you prefer and if it is out of stock, a pretty little window will pop up asking you to enter your email address for an "in-stock notification".  It looks like this:

Well, that pretty much covers most of it - we will let you peruse and look around now, but if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us.

Be sure to leave us a comment below of what you think and then like and share this page with your fellow Featherweight friends!