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PINK BLOUSE ~ Made from Vintage Pattern
by April Henry

Pintucks, Rick Rack, Baby-Snap Cuffs, Vintage Pink Buttons, Peter Pan Collar ~ What's not to love?
The Blouse is a Vintage Simplicity Pattern from the 1940's. It called for pressed pleats held in by the top yoke and bottom seam... Yeah, right - like that would survive washings - so I used my vintage Singer Pintuck Attachment and set the pleats/tucks permanently. In the old Singer Sewing Books it says to set the stitch length to 15-20 (I prefer closer to 20) so that the stitch blends in with the fabric and doesn't show.
I really did iron this... but after a day's play, it wears like she loves it, I suppose. :)

Little Tiny Baby Snaps - aren't they just the cutest!?! I love 'em!
My good friend, jk, showed me how to make a blind hem even more 'blind'... Also, in order to preserve as much length as possible I needed to use a facing to finish the hem (even though I had already added an additional inch to the pattern, the length still has no room to spare).  Remembering the construction of hem facing in the Oliver + S Puppet Show Dress - I followed the same exact method. It turned out perfect!

Skirt is an Oliver + S Swingset Skirt made with the same pink fabric as the blouse (Kona cotton) but with the outer panels being of vintage pink dotted swiss. This skirt pattern is so much fun - and super easy. Technically, the skirt could be made reversible because when I fold under the outer skirt panel hem, I encase the inner lining - stitched, they become one.
Such cute pinky-ness, don't ya think!?