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| Posted by Featherweight Shop Staff

Why We Love Quilting ~ Happy National Quilting Day!

  Here at The Featherweight Shop, we are overjoyed to have a day dedicated to the celebration and history of quilts! We always love a good reason to share our favorite quilting stories, patterns, fabrics and more!  National Quilt Day came to be on June 22, 1991 in Lincoln, NE during the 22nd Annual Quilt Show. The National Quilting Alliance passed the resolution that created National Quilt Day every third Saturday of March. Presently, National Quilt Day is celebrated across the country with all types of quilty fun!  Stories of Love for Quilting ~ Quilting for Country ~   While...

| Posted by Featherweight Shop Staff

Love Is In The Air

Happy Valentine's Day from The Featherweight Shop  Love is meant to be shared.... So, The Featherweight Shop has put together a lovely collection for Valentine's Day - whether you are shopping for that special quilty friend or want to order something that's sweet on you, for your own Featherweight!  Shop the Valentine's Day Collection now >>     Plus, we have so many Valentine's Day and Quilty Heart patterns available that you can sit down to sew on your Featherweight today! Longing for even more Valentine sewing ideas?  Peruse the blog archives from Valentine's Day past for several fun patterns and heart-filled gifting...

| Posted by April Henry

Love Letter Pillow Cover Sewalong - Part 4

Binding a Pillow Cover! ... Or use these tips for your next quilt!  Part 4 is the final installment of our Conversation Love Letter Pillow Sewalong!  We are very excited to finally display our little pillows and just in time for Valentine's Day!  Are you just now joining and feeling late to the party?  No worries at all... be sure to review our supplies list page and Parts 1, 2, and 3 and you can participate at any time!  To continue with the Airmail theme of the Conversation Love Letter Pillow, I was able to find some red, white and...

| Posted by April Henry

Love Letter Pillow Cover Sewalong - Part 3 (Walking Foot Tutorial, too!)

Let's Quilt on the Featherweight! We are now moving on to the quilting process of the Love Letter Pillow.  If you aren't quite finished with piecing your final block, then refer back to Part 2 of the Sewalong for some piecing tips.  For quilting, we have opted to use the Walking Foot designed for the Singer Featherweight. The teeth on the walking foot align to the teeth on the feed dogs so this will eliminate any unnecessary shifting and allow for more even feeding during the quilting process. To begin quilting (this applies to any quilt) you will want to...

| Posted by April Henry

Love Letter Pillow Cover Sewalong - Part 2

Now Let's Sew! If you haven't selected, squared or cut out your fabric yet, then refer back to Part 1 of the Sewalong before proceeding. I like to place a little pencil mark next to each instruction I have completed. Doing so means I will know right where I left off if I have to set my project aside for any reason. Before construction, be sure to label your pieces well as instructed, follow the pattern layout directions and begin sewing your pieces together following each pattern step carefully!  Nadra has some great tutorials on her website, too, including this...

| Posted by April Henry

Love Letter Pillow Cover Sewalong.. with the Featherweight Shop!

Well, the girls and I have decided it's time we have a little quilting sew-along.  By girls, I mean, the Featherweight Shop girls, of course!  Yes, all those packages you receive that are neatly wrapped with a little ric-rac bow... well, you've inspired the wrappers to start a sewing project, too! So, with Valentine's Day around the corner, we thought it would be fun to make a "Love Letter Pillow" by ellis & higgs.  Would you like to grab your Featherweight and join us? Supplies Needed:  OR Pattern (available for purchase download here) Quarter Inch Foot or Guide Walking Foot...

| Posted by April Henry

Love Letter Pillow Cover Sewalong - Part 1

Hello everyone! The Featherweight Shop team has eagerly been awaiting today, when we get to share this lovely Valentine's themed kit - the "Conversation Love Letter Pillow Cover!" We hosted a Featherweight Fellowship and sew along in 2018 and are revisiting that fun tutorial again, week by week leading up to Valentine's Day, but this time offering our own kit with  adorable love-themed fabric.  We enjoyed our sewing time together and hope you do, too - whether you make another Love Letter Pillow Cover like ours below or are making your own for the very first time! If you are just...

| Posted by April Henry

Shop Talk: Featherweight Sewing Machine Mat & Cover

For a few years now, I have been wanting to make the sewing machine mat and cover that is featured in Lori Holt's book Quilty Fun.  So, when she recently released her new Prim fabric line, I thought it was the perfect time to make this for our little sewing studio (as well as for me to use when I go on any sewing retreats!)  It was an enjoyable project, and the fabrics came together so beautifully, that we decided to offer this as a kit, available to order here.  The kit does include the Quilty Fun pattern book which,...

| Posted by Tammy Olson

Shop Talk: Thank Heaven for Little Girls Purse by Kristyne Czepuryk

Welcome back to Shop Talk here at The Featherweight Shop! We love our local chit chat with staff, gathering around the dinette table so-to-speak (because that is what we have!) and sharing with one another. In these segments, we exchange patterns, recipes, organizational ideas, history quips, crafty projects, and smiles about learning an old-fashioned way of doing things. Shop Talk is the fun tidbits of news! ***** Tammy created an adorable hand purse for her granddaughter, Scarlet, in this week's Shop Talk. Please join in the fun as we follow along with her!  Shop the 'Thank Heaven for Little Girls'...

| Posted by The Featherweight Shop

SEW-IN: Keep Calm & Quilt On - The Beginning

Quilting, throughout time, has brought calm and quiet to households, and this remains true in mine today. My two little children, Nathan (10) and Sayely (8), are home from school and a bit worried about all confusing times that we are facing at the moment (e.g. Coronavirus).  So, when times get to be too much, especially for children, I have always found it marvelous having a new skill to practice or project to work on! This brings us to our first installment of our limited edition series, featuring novice sewers Nathan and Sayley, sewing their first projects on a Singer...

| Posted by April Henry

Farm Girl Vintage Finished Quilt + BONUS! Scalloped Border Step-by-Step

  Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along - Finished Quilt with Scalloped Border At the end of February, the borders and sashing were pieced, the quilt top was finally assembled and delivered to the local longarm quilter for a small bit of custom quilting.  Two years to the month and here we are... the Farm Girl Vintage Sampler quilt is completely finished!  We started in March, and two years later, it's all sewn, quilted and bound.  Isn't it exciting!?  This quilt is probably the most time-laborious project I've ever sewn, and it's certainly the most tedious with all the sampler block...

| Posted by April Henry

Final Quilt Top - Finishing the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along

Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along - Sewing the Top Together Last post we finished up by having all of our sashing and border pieces cut and ready.  How nice it was to have everything prepared, because the quilt top sewed together so much faster than I anticipated.   There are quite a few tips and hints in our final* installment of the Featherweight Shop Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and let's finish this! * I just dropped off the quilt top yesterday to have it quilted, but as soon as I finish the scalloped...

| Posted by April Henry

Preparations for Sashing, Borders & More - Farm Girl Vintage Quilt & Featherweight Shop Sew Along

Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along This post took lots of turns.  And, when you're a slow sewist like me... well, that doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room for getting extra sewing finished.  Nevertheless, I was determined to accomplish as much as possible.  After much discussion and deliberation (and persuasion from Ruthie), I decided that my quilt will have 64 blocks rather than the original 48.  No worries... you can continue as planned, but there were just so many blocks I wanted to add, it was extremely difficult to pick and choose.  Thus, it was easier to make the quilt...

| Posted by April Henry

Blocks 42, 43, 44 & 45 (Water Turn, Welcome, Winter Star & Woolly Sheep) - Farm Girl Vintage Quilt & Featherweight Shop Sew Along

Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along We have four blocks in this post, which is a bit more than usual, but we can do this -- we are nearly finished! Psssst! If you're just joining us and want to get in on the fun with a darling and perfect collage of farm girl vintage styled fabric, then check out the Farm Girl Vintage fabric and accessories collection here. You can also order Farm Girl Vintage Book 1 here, and Farm Girl Vintage Book 2! Begin this sew along by opening your book to page 69, grab some fabric scraps, get them...

| Posted by April Henry

Sweet Christmas - Extra Scrappy Happy Snowman Projects to Make

If you purchased the Sweet Christmas Snowman panel and are wondering what else you can do with the extra printed pieces on the panel (besides the obvious quilt), this blog post will give you three suggestions showing what we made:  Bunting, Hot Pads & Pillow Cover.  We hope these get your own ideas flowing with creativity!  Be sure to post and share your creations in the comment section below. ******************************************************************** 1.  Christmas Decorative Bunting After sewing together a quilt using the Snowman Panel from the Sweet Christmas collection by Urban Chiks (for Moda Fabrics), my mind was racing with all...

| Posted by April Henry

Blocks 36, 37, & 38 (Simple, Spring & Summer Star Blocks) - Farm Girl Vintage Quilt & Featherweight Shop Sew Along

Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along This is the month of stars!  Perfect timing as we often get to view the stars and gorgeous constellations on late summer nights. We are continuing with three gorgeous star blocks as we approach the finish line for our Farm Girl Vintage Sampler quilt.  Simple, Spring & Summer are our featured blocks this month.  The biggest take away while sewing these was squaring up each unit as you stitched each section of your block.  It made a world of difference for accuracy and block size, so let's get started... Psssst! If you're just joining us...

| Posted by April Henry

Blocks 33, 34, & 35 (Postage Stamp, Scrappy Maple, & Scrappy Strawberry) - Farm Girl Vintage Quilt & Featherweight Shop Sew Along

Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along Hello!  And, how has your summer been?  Ours has been flying by... especially since we had such a late spring, the extremely warm summer weather is now suddenly upon us!  Thankfully, the warmer weather outside affords us time to cool off inside all the while being productive by continuing to sew our Farm Girl Vintage blocks.  I've been able to do quite a bit of cutting ahead and it feels great to just sew the next block because it's all set and ready.  And, it makes me feel like we are approaching the finish line...

| Posted by April Henry

Featherweight Maintenance & Lori Holt Retreat - McCall, Idaho 2019

The Featherweight camaraderie was exhilarating with non-stop learning! Featherweight History, an all-day Featherweight Maintenance Workshop, along with day after day of one-on-one personal Featherweight assistance and exploration.... and then Lori Holt brought us all her Farm Girl Vintage treats and inspiration!

| Posted by April Henry

Blocks 27, 28 & 29 (Old Red Barn, Out to Pasture & Patchwork Pumpkin) - Farm Girl Vintage Quilt & Featherweight Shop Sew Along

Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along I have been waiting to sew this barn for quite a long time - in fact, since 2015, when the Farm Girl Vintage book first came out and when I saw all the blocks displayed in a Spokane quilt shop.  The barn block they had hanging on a cute little line was made with this darling red fabric, but sadly the shop didn't have any left.  The store clerk was so sweet, though... she went digging in the shop's scraps to give me all she had left -- just enough to make this block!  Thus,...

| Posted by April Henry

Blocks 24, 25 & 26 (Hen, Milking Day & Old Glory Flag) - Farm Girl Vintage Quilt & Featherweight Shop Sew Along

Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along For our geographic area, we have officially entered what many locals call the "mud season" - that time of year when the weather can't decide to pour down rain to the point of flooding or grace us with a warm sunny afternoon.  In this time of weather flip flop, and when I need a sewing break from rubber galoshes and weeding, these Farm Girl Vintage one-by-one blocks are perfect for keeping my interest and excited about the "what do I get to sew next?!"  For April we get to sew: the Hen, Milk Can and...