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Easter Sewing ~ Break
by April Henry

As I anticipated the arrival of family with nieces and nephew in tow, I decided to take a little break from my Easter Sewing for more Easter Sewing. The Zakka Sewing Book provides excellent illustrations and instructions for constructing many wonderful crafts including this Easter Basket. While I decided to keep my construction mainstream and assembly-lined, you could easily get creative.

What's that you see in the basket? It's grass. Raise your hand if you dislike the plastic staticky grass. Me, too. In fact, dislike isn't quite the word I would choose for my annoyance with the traditional Easter Basket grass.

A friend made a casual suggestion a couple of years ago and this is the first year I made up my mind to actually do it. I don't know if I was more excited about the fun of sewing the baskets, or sitting in a chair methodically turning the crank of my Singer Hand Crank Pinker with scraps of fabric. I had such a sense of gratification to use pieces that would otherwise break my heart to throw away. Honestly, there were not enough scraps to really warrant the effort or worth of saving them - not even for a quilt, so to find a use tickled me pink.

One of the little guys even found some eggs to hide in his claimed basket.