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Sewing, Sewing & More Sewing
by April Henry

Christian has taken an interest in fabric combinations. After we purchased some shorts at Target, he came home and asked if I would make him some shirts to match. He then proceeded to put colors together and label/number them according to the order of which I was to sew. How does a mom resist that!?! This pattern is from Ottobre 03/2009 - the Jungle T-Shirt. While best results would be achieved on a coverstitcher for this particular pattern design, I was still pleased with my little Featherweight 222 and serger.

Such a sweet boy - he's definitely beginning to keep track... "are you sewing my other shirt yet, Mom?"

Prior to sewing Cowboy's shirt, this one was all cut out for SweetPea ~ the Rosalind #29 Ottobre knit top. She needed a skirt to match which brought to mind this valance fabric panel my friend, Liesl, had given to me quite awhile ago. I am so pleased with how it turned out... I used her free download pattern, too - the Lazy Days Skirt. The birds and birdhouses applique' was darling enough, I decided to forgo the ribbon hem and just use the existing one. I did fully line it with pima cotton to eliminate the sheerness of white cotton.

I think my SweetPea is growing more like a weed lately - I may add another underskirt for more length later.

SweetPea has had a front wiggly tooth for several weeks now... however, today she came to me and was pretty well set that it was coming out.

She really wanted Daddy to pull it, but he would not cave - even to her puppy dog eyes of pleading... apparently, the mortician can't stomach pulling a tooth!

So, I grabbed some thick red thread off my sewing table, tied a slip-knot around the tooth and yanked.... out it came! She was ecstatic! I got all sentimental and teary-eyed remembering her first tooth coming in and how she teethed on my antique large silver locket (which still holds the teething marks).

A little while later it dawned on me that a little girl really does need a tooth fairy pillow, so I quick-like came up with this - all leftover scraps. Cotton woven with linen for the back piece, pocket and bedpost strap. I love this fabric combination so much, I think I must find a garment to make with it sometime.

Antique heirloom lace is some I had on hand.

I hand-embroidered her first name initial on the little pocket. I was nearly finished with the pillow when SweetPea spotted what I was doing and came to see - I didn't tell her what it was until I was all finished. She could hardly contain herself to know what it was for. As soon as I told her she got all verklempt and asked if she could save it for her little girl someday, too. Truly, she is a daughter of mine!

Well, I guess I'd better go see if the Tooth Fairy has arrived yet.