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Feedsack-Style Ice Cream Dress on a Cold Day
by April Henry

Last day of school was Friday. Cowboy finished 4th grade and SweetPea finished Kindergarten.

The weather was probably the most uncooperative I have ever experienced in my entire life of last day of school days - even my own childhood memories of the last day of school were always warm, sunny and comfortable (if not down right hot!). It just so happened to be Field Day on Friday, too (of course), and I just so happened to volunteer for such Field Day. It was cold, windy and somewhat wet.
I am allergic to cold. I get anxiety just thinking about how I will feel in any situation cold-weather related. Will I be warm enough? How long will it last? Will I be able to escape it? Will I survive? A little obsessive about cold, perhaps? Probably.
This is sewing-related, so bear with me. Being that it was the last day of school, SweetPea wanted to wear the new little Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress I had made for her. So, we opted for cold-weather-induced, winter ribbed tights as an additional accessory.
Add a sweater and nothing can remove the sunshine happiness of an old gunny sack race!


I will say that the dress turned out ever-so-sweet with the 1930's feedsack reproduction fabric I used. In fact, I was rather impressed with the Lecien fabric - once washed, it looked and felt like bona fide vintage feedsack! It was super soft and flowy - the perfect combination for this little dress which reminded me so much of the vintage feedsack dresses in style.