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Article: Best Sewing Machine for Young Child

Best Sewing Machine for Young Child


A fellow Stitchery Friend of ours shared this picture of her granddaughter who had received her first Featherweight for Christmas.  If that isn’t the best smile of excitement over her new sewing machine, I don’t know what is!  I am certain this little girl will remember this day for the rest of her life…. and will hopefully have the special experience of passing her love of sewing (and Featherweights) to her granddaughter, too, someday.


That’s one of the things that makes these Featherweight Sewing Machines so ideal.  They are a great all-around portable sewing machine that will sew just about anything, anywhere – yet they are small and compact (and most importantly, reliable!) that even a young girl can learn to use one with ease.  It’s the perfect “multi-generational” sewing machine – a gold-medal-stitch, quilt-piecing machine for Grandma Quilter and a very high quality, real sewing machine (as opposed to a cheapy toy) for Little Girl Quilter.  The Singer Featherweight sews a basic forward and reverse straight stitch, is constructed of all metal, (but weighs only 11 1/2 pounds), and comes with a handy carrying case.  In fact, back in the day, these machines were often purchased for young ladies before they went off to college.  A gal in one of our Featherweight Maintenance classes still had the traveling label she had originally attached to the case from her college days.


So, if you’re wondering what the best sewing machine is for your young child to learn to sew – a Singer Featherweight 221, incomparably.  It will take her through many sewing generations… and the perfect Christmas gift, sure to bring the best smiles.

Photos Courtesy of Sara K. and Dara C.