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| Posted by April Henry

Love Letter Pillow Cover Sewalong.. with the Featherweight Shop!

Well, the girls and I have decided it's time we have a little quilting sew-along.  By girls, I mean, the Featherweight Shop girls, of course!  Yes, all those packages you receive that are neatly wrapped with a little ric-rac bow... well, you've inspired the wrappers to start a sewing project, too! So, with Valentine's Day around the corner, we thought it would be fun to make a "Love Letter Pillow" by ellis & higgs.  Would you like to grab your Featherweight and join us? Supplies Needed:  OR Pattern (available for purchase download here) Quarter Inch Foot or Guide Walking Foot...

| Posted by April Henry

Shop Talk: Fabric Nook Organization Continues...

The shelves of solids have been more of an annoyance to me than anything over the past two or three years.  There are times one needs a solid for this small project or that small project, but generally, solids are needed in quilts as backgrounds or binding.  This takes more yardage than what I mostly have available in this little stash.  What do you do with your small solid fabric stash?  For now, it needed organizing and eliminating the fabric that was truly unnecessary.   Pulling it all off the shelves and sorting by color was the first task. The...

| Posted by April Henry

Featherweight Shop Schedule Update During Covid-19

Hours of Mail-Order Operation:  9am to 4pm Please Contact Us via Email with any questions.   Below you will find some recent photos of our staff as we worked behind the scenes.  We all look forward to serving you and preparing your Singer Featherweight orders. Shipping Department:  We are so grateful for our staff! They were able to take some preparation work home this week. And, as a small family business in the countryside of Idaho, our shop is right next door to our home.  This means we are fulfilling orders and wrapping ric rac packages just as we always have....

| Posted by April Henry

Farm Girl Vintage Quilt & Featherweight Shop Sew Along - Block 9 & 10 (Cool Threads & Corn and Tomatoes)

  Block 9 & 10 are our featured blocks this month - Cool Threads and Corn & Tomatoes!  The Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Sew Along with the Featherweight Shop continues; block 9 was a lot of fun to be creative with the thread spools!  Ruthie had the idea of using a light brown fabric print for wooden spools and I liked it so much I decided to copy her design.  Block 10 was the perfect block to add some bright red color and coordinate with the yellow, being creative with the various vintage style prints.  If you're just now joining...

| Posted by April Henry

Featherweight Schoolhouse - New Update!

If you haven't noticed yet, we recently updated the website to feature an easy-to-navigate Featherweight Schoolhouse.  This will help you find information more easily as you learn all you can about our beloved little machines.  Here are a few screen captures to show you some of the recent changes...  But, click the tabs and have a peek around -- you may find a page you haven't seen before!

| Posted by April Henry

My Quilt from Great-Grandma Ruth

When I was a little girl, about 5-years-old, I took a trip with my parents to visit my Great-Grandma Ruth, who lived in a lovely little house on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. It was a small craftsman style home, but very "English" in her style and nature. The front porch had a portable swing that I would enjoy sitting on - probably singing and swinging, fascinated that it was a "bench" and not a tire or schoolyard swing. She collected salt & pepper shakers, spoons as well as bells of all kinds. Great-Grandma Ruth was also an avid quilter...

| Posted by April Henry

Quilting a King Size Quilt on a Featherweight Machine

Recently, on our Singer Featherweight Facebook Group, Nancy Goff posted what she had recently made on her little Singer Featherweight.  We were all stunned at her exquisite work and amazing accomplishment.  I invited her to share her venture here on the blog because this was simply Featherweight inspiring!  So, let me introduce you to Nancy and her beautiful Snowflake Quilt - the first bed-sized quilt she has ever made.  (I know... we were all truly in awe, too!)

| Posted by April Henry

Missouri Star Featherweight Maintenance Retreat Recap

Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Retreatat the Missouri Star Quilt CompanyJune 20 - 22, 2016 We arrived in St. Joseph, Missouri on Sunday night and spent the evening with Dave and Sharon McCallum.  (Dave is the producer and author of the Featherweight Maintenance DVD and Book.)  We put retreat food preparations in the refrigerators at the hotel (Candlewood Suites was awesome for this!), ate pizza and discussed the schedule for the next couple of days.  It was fun to catch up, too! Hamilton, MissouriMissouri Star Quilt Company Monday morning we drove in to Hamilton and began setup for our first Featherweight...

| Posted by April Henry

Adele ~ A Very Special Featherweight

This month’s guest feature is a machine currently owned and cherished by Roberta Lynn.  Roberta has named this machine after her original owner, Adele (pictured below).  Adele ~ original owner to the Singer Featherweight 221 featured in this article.(Photo from 1986) Adele was the original owner of this very special Featherweight, and as you can see, her machine saw many, many stitching miles.    Yet, with all of its worn decals, missing paint, dings, nicks, pin scratches and use, it bears a virtual badge of Featherweight honor.  All decals worn, paint chipped... evidence of a totally loved machine... Notice the...

| Posted by April Henry

Ruthie's "Pink" Singer Featherweight

Since before Ruthie was born, there has been this certain shade of pink that has followed her.  It all started with the antique shade of pink paint that softly adorned the walls of her nursery.  From there she had her patchwork quilt that I made her, a few special outfits, and as time went on, diminutives that she would find to adorn her room.  That certain color pink even earned the label by a friend as "Ruthie Pink".  So, now we spot Ruthie Pink everywhere and in the oddest of places sometimes.  This past weekend at a neighborhood Fred Meyer...

| Posted by April Henry

Merry Christmas Trinket Boxes

Several years ago I was meandering through an antique store near Seattle, Washington. It was at Two French Hens in Burien if you desire to have a peek there sometime - they have the sweetest offerings!Anyway, I stumbled upon an old stationery box with various old cards -- in it were these little cards so-to-speak that were delicately preserved with their original ribbons and even their envelopes so as to be mailed! The cards were from the early 1900's with crow-quill & ink penned names ~ there was one for Earle, Glen, Ronald, and H.E. Bailey. The rest of the...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

My Best Quilt

Nothing like being under the weather with fever and sickies.  I feel like I need to be doing something productive and yet just the thought of moving makes me close my eyes again.  But thanks to mobile phone technology I can at least type this blog post with my thumbs and share with you about my favorite quilt. Several years ago a group of friends and I would venture to the Portland, Oregon Antique Show, held each year in July.  We would get early entry passes and hope for finding that fun collectible or early bird rare find.  One of...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

The "Collection"

Many of you are already aware that back in December we obtained a very rare Featherweight collection and that has been commissioned to sell them in the coming weeks and months. This was quite a fun adventure and getting prepared to make the Featherweights available has been a long time coming…. are you getting excited that we are finally now here!!?  I know we are! Several of you have asked for more details about the person who had collected all these wonderful Featherweights.  Well, for the most part the collector has asked to remain “behind the scenes", but what...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Happy New Year - 2015!

Today is the day — a new day for a new year which means it is now time to make our official announcement.  It is with great pleasure that we announce our new Featherweight website acquisition… First, we would like to thank Graham for all his expertise, insight and service to the Singer Featherweight Community. What he has accomplished and brought to the world of owning and collecting Singer Featherweights is unprecedented. He will always be the original purveyor of Singer Featherweights to the Gentry… and will be remembered for generations to come. Graham’s confidence in permitting us to...

| Posted by April Henry

Best Sewing Machine for Young Child

A fellow Stitchery Friend of ours shared this picture of her granddaughter who had received her first Featherweight for Christmas.  If that isn’t the best smile of excitement over her new sewing machine, I don’t know what is!  I am certain this little girl will remember this day for the rest of her life…. and will hopefully have the special experience of passing her love of sewing (and Featherweights) to her granddaughter, too, someday.     That’s one of the things that makes these Featherweight Sewing Machines so ideal.  They are a great all-around portable sewing machine that will sew...

| Posted by April Henry

A Featherweight Merry Christmas!

We received this photo from a fellow Featherweight owner. She didn’t have a creche perse’, but then remembered her Featherweight had a light so she set up her Nativity this way. We asked her permission to share with you because we thought you would enjoy it as well. (Thank you, Miriam!) Merry Christmas, everyone!  We pray you have a Blessed New Year! “For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying...

| Posted by April Henry

New Categories

We have added an entire new category on this blog called “Attachments & Accessories”. You will now be able to find out how to identify and use your vintage Singer Attachments - all in one convenient place!     Good morning! As of this morning we have a new page added to our Featherweight Schoolhouse. You will now find a link to Attachments and Accessories page where we will have identification charts, attachment tutorials and photo demonstrations for how a few of the old Singer Attachments work. One of our most popular (and most useful) is the Singer Buttonholer Attachment...

| Posted by April Henry

Happy Valentine's Day "Cards"

  Last year my daughter and I worked together in making these little Valentine's cards for her class*. We are homeschooling now but the idea still lingers as we think of family and friends for this year.   The end product was a melding of two patterns. One was like this one from Orange Bettie and the other, an adorable pattern by Kim Wallace from Moda Bakeshop. SweetPea would pick out the fabric and buttons to accommodate each person on her list depending on the relationship and then she and I came up with some generic phrases for her to copy using a...

| Posted by April Henry

Clothes Pin Dolls

These are so easy a small child can make them! Step 1: Fold a little edge of a square or rectangular fabric scrap and pin it with the clothes pin.Step 2: Flip the clothes pin down.Step 3: Wrap the fabric corners to the center around the clothes pin.Step 4: Tie a piece of bias tape, yarn, or string around the clothes pin for the neck scarf.Optional Step 5: (Little Girls like this one, particularly) Draw a face.You can pink the fabric edges, too, if you want a frilly hem.Have fun!

| Posted by April Henry

Want Smooth Corners?

<!doctype html>   Pockets can be tricky sometimes. You can take the time to cut perfectly but when trying to fold the excess seam allowance for rounded or curved corners, an angular edge can sometimes result no matter how detailed or careful you press. A long time ago I learned a trick for stitching rounded pockets which helps to eliminate the angular-ness of the edges. Recreating the Pocket step from the recent Ice Cream Dress pattern (by Oliver + S) that I made for SweetPea, I have made a simple tutorial to share the trick with you, too!    ...