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A Heart & Prayer
by April Henry

This post will end on a bit of a somber note.. just a forewarning.....

We received an email from a customer, Kathy G. a couple of weeks ago inquiring about the Love Letter Pillow sew along we were having and her new venture into quilting.  It was fun to answer her budding quilting questions and see her progress when she emailed and posted photographs of her pillow as she was completing the sewing and quilting steps.

Her work is beautiful and already shows much skill in learning something new!

Singer Featherweight Shop Love Letter Pillow Sew Along

Singer Featherweight Shop Love Letter Pillow Sew Along

Singer Featherweight Shop Love Letter Pillow Sew Along

Singer Featherweight Shop Love Letter Pillow Sew Along

FANTASTIC quilting!

Anyway.... fast forward to today when we received this email from Kathy (she has given us permission to share it):

On Valentine's Day I worked on my pillow and emailed April that afternoon when I was stumped with the backing and binding. I was determined to get it done that night. And then the horrific news came out of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. As a retired employee of the Florida Education System and a proud Mom of a middle school teacher this hit much too close to home. For days I couldn't return to my project, all I could do was pray. Well this weekend I decided it was time to work on the pillow again. With every hand stitch of the binding is a prayer for those affected in Parkland. My pillow is complete and I think I may make a few more and send them to the high school in hopes some students may find comfort with a heart pillow. Thank you, April and staff, for this project that now has much meaning to me.

My heart was grieved for Kathy as she empathized and connected with those directly affected by the tragedy that happened in Parkland.  We had no idea when we began the Love Letter Pillow sew along that it would somehow be a special memento and serve as a reminder to pray for those who will be hurting for years to come at the loss of their child and/or loved one.  We truly cannot even imagine.

I know this is a somber post and I don't ordinarily post things like this, but I felt it was important and asked Kathy permission if I could share her tender email.  I have hopes that it might inspire others to also remember those who have been directly affected by grievous sin and tragedy and to pray for them as well.  It's awful... it's wicked and tragic.  Yet, may it serve as a reminder in the future to remember those many hurting families and friends that will forever be affected. 

Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me this morning, Kathy.  I grieve with you, too, and am so grateful for your love and compassion for those affected - may the Lord bless your ministry.

Singer Featherweight Shop Love Letter Pillow Sew Along