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Christian, the Sewing Machine Guy
by April Henry

Many of you met our son, Christian, when we were on our Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour in the summer of 2016.  He charmed the sweet, lovely ladies and enjoyed being their personal Featherweight technician for each class.


Yesterday, while flipping through some old photos I found these pictures and I couldn't help but chuckle (as well as have a moment of heart-swelling for that sweet little boy).  I remember how excited he was to "sew" using this child's Singer Sewhandy Model 20. 

He was about 5-years-old and he wanted to make his Lone Ranger and Johnny West Action figures some pillows and blankets.  You see, at that age, Christian often thought he was the Lone Ranger.  From age 3 to about age 6, he would have been inclined to wear his Lone Ranger outfit every day - the black leather mask, white hat, blue shirt and Wranglers, and red bandana with his toy pistol at his side.  He was always in character, and we would often go to town or the grocery store with the "masked man".  (I am sure he would have preferred us to ride a white horse named Silver as opposed to the old Honda Accord!) 

Anyway, after seeing these photos, I couldn't help but think about how we never would have thought (back then) that he would go beyond just sewing on a child's sewing machine and one day learn from his dad and begin a career of being a sewing machine technician.  Yet, here he is - the young man that knows and works on sewing machines... and he loves it!  Although he much prefers working on the Singer Featherweight 221 or 222, he can work on most any other model.  Today he even serviced a friend's industrial sewing machine so she could use it to make upholstery for her husband's hot rod cars.

Last week [May 2017], we had a Featherweight Maintenance Workshop in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, but the day before the Workshop we stopped at Kay Connors' house.  While she taught me some wonderful techniques of hand-quilting, Christian and Carmon quickly went to work on Kay's latest Featherweight treasures.

On the day of the class, Christian was, once again, right there to help several guests with their Featherweights.  He even took a segment or two of teaching while Carmon worked with some of the class members.


So, if you are scheduled to attend any of our upcoming events, you will also get to meet and learn from Christian one-on-one.  In the meantime, for any questions, contact us directly - we are happy to help anytime!

Oh!  He also has new tutorials every month on the Featherweight Schoolhouse. Check it out!