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Ohio Star King Size Quilt

Posted by April Henry on

This weekend is our nearby town's BBQ Days event, and every year our quilt guild hosts a local Quilt Show and Pie Sale.  Yesterday, I assisted the guild members with the check-in of many quilts and quilted crafty projects.  I must say, it was quite fun to see everyone's talent as it trickled in one-by-one, and to meet several ladies in the community.  Often, I've attended quilt shows and wondered who it was that actually made some of the beautiful quilts.  So, having the opportunity to meet these lovely ladies face-to-face was a real treat for me... like having a face with a quilt.

When I received a call last week from one of our local and talented long-arm quilters that she was finished with my Ohio Star quilt, I was ecstatic to begin the binding and get it finished in time for the show.  A friend needed to finish binding her quilt for the show as well, so we had a binding party last Sunday afternoon, and from 2 pm till 11 pm I was able to bind the 106" x 117" quilt from beginning to end.  Netflix and good company helped me keep going, and now it's all finished!

This particular quilt was, in large part, a group effort.  Several months ago I won the "Block Draw" at our quilt guild meeting, which meant that I was able to bring back the preparations (pattern and fabric, cut & prepared) for several blocks and the members would each sew one for me.  The next month, they would bring them back and I would put their finished blocks together.  Being a king size, I still had quite a few blocks to piece myself plus I needed to add sashing and borders, which were all accomplished using my Singer Featherweight and handy, dandy Featherweight Accurate Seam guide (I truly adore my seam guide -- be sure to check out the video tutorial for how I use it at that link!).

Here it is under the needle...

King Size Ohio Star Quilt Piecing with the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide

Ohio Star King Size Quilt Piecing with Seam Guide

Rows are beginning to form by adding the sashing...

Ohio Star King Size Quilt

Trying to figure out the best row layout for color...

Ohio Star King Size Quilt

Borders on and ready for the quilter...

Ohio Star King Size Quilt

All quilted and now time for binding...

Ohio Star King Size Quilt

Here it is all finished... it's a king size quilt on a queen size mattress on an antique iron double bed frame!

Fabric prints are from the "Backyard Roses" line by Nadra Ridgeway of Ellis & Higgs. I purchased several charm packs last year while at the Missouri Star Quilt Company right after they remodeled the main shop and during our Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Retreat.  The pattern is "Ohio Star" from the MSQCo Block magazine, Spring Volume 3, Issue 2.  I added a wider border for a nice long drop on the high bed.

Today is the big day for judging at the Quilt Show, and I still need to get some pies made for tomorrow's sale- eeeek!!  There is a lot of talent at the show, so I do not expect to win anything but it has been quite enjoyable to participate.

.... and now to start another!

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