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Stitch Along: Featherweight in Cross Stitch - Part 3
by Featherweight Shop Staff

Singer Featherweight in Cross Stitch – Progress and a Touch of Color

by Kristen Clay from Verity Vintage Studio

Time for a progress update on the lovely Singer Featherweight cross stitch kit! As you can see, it has started to definitely look like a sewing machine...

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  1. Featherweight Cross-Stitch Kit (with 14 count Aida Cloth) - If it is sold out, you can sign up for the in stock notification at product link, and you will be notified as soon as we have more kits available. Also available in 32 count.
  2. 4-inch or 6-incch Embroidery Hoop
  3. Embroidery Scissors
  4. Hand-sewing needles in various sizes
  5. Already have the supplies on hand? Printed Pattern only is available here
  6. Advanced in Cross-Stitch Skill?  
    The Belfast Linen 32-count Kit is available here
  7. The Beekeeper Thread Minder by Lori Holt
  8. Need more floss colors for your Cross-Stitch repertoire?  This Bee Basics 20 Spool Set is super handy to have for many cross-stitch and embroidery occasions.

Progress on my cross stitch Featherweight kit...the machine is really looking real! I only have one more row before the main base is finished and I can start on the arm. I had hoped to have this section finished by now, but it didn't quite happen. I'm close, though!


 Breaking it up like this made it easier for me to work those long rows of black stitches without losing track of the count, but certainly you can work the entire length of the machine if you prefer.

I also did a bit of the detail work, filling in a few spaces with other colors, and working the belt. I have to say, after stitching with so much monotone, it was nice to have a splash of yellow when I worked on the gold badge!

As a side note, I really have enjoyed working with the Sullivan's heirloom embroidery scissors. The nicely sharp, short blades allow for precise cutting – very important when snipping threads close to all your hard work! - but the unusually large handles are so much easier to grab when you reach to pick them up. I am constantly fumbling when I pick up traditional thread snips, but these are so much handier. I may just start using these for sewing projects as well as embroidery.

There is not much to share this week since I have been busy with a wedding in the family...(and there may have been a project or two which distracted me as well)... But when I do take up my needle, I'm always surprised by how much I can get done in a short space of time. Even just a few rows a day, or working on it for 15 minutes in the car, really adds up.

 I'm quite close to finishing the main part of the machine, and I'm excited to move on to the thread spools and pincushion, to add a splash of color in the picture. Hopefully I can have that much completed by the next time I check in. We will see. Life may happen, but we can always have goals!

 Till next time, enjoy stitching your growing Featherweight! 

Kristen, from Verity Vintage Studio