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Stitch Along: Featherweight in Cross Stitch - Part 4
by Featherweight Shop Staff

Still Stitching Away!

It's Kristen from Verity Vintage Studio, checking in again to show you what progress another two weeks' time has brought to my cross stitch project!



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  2. 4-inch or 6-incch Embroidery Hoop
  3. Embroidery Scissors
  4. Hand-sewing needles in various sizes
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  7. The Beekeeper Thread Minder by Lori Holt
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    Cross Stitch Along Photo 1

I was able to finish all the stitching on the side view of the machine – one thing checked off the list. It just needs the outlining yet. How cute is that little tomato pincushion and scissors?!?

Cross Stitch Along Photo 2

Cross Stitch Along Photo 3

I really love the pop of color those bright notions give when paired with all that black. Even without the outlining, the Featherweight is looking beautiful...but just wait until we start the outlining!

Cross Stitch Along Photo 4

I also got a good start on the end view, as you can see – well exceeding my goal mentioned last time. I finished all the black on the main part of the end view base, and am ready to start with gray to fill in the spaces and work the end plate, which is just many rows of the same color. (The sewing method of stitching that we talked about a few weeks ago will come in handy here!)

 The outlining will eventually fill in the scroll detail and make it look pretty.

Cross Stitch Along part 5

Back in the first post when we were talking about centering the design, I said that I was allowing about 1 inch, or 12 spaces, between the two views. As you can see on the model, I counted over 12 spaces between the tip of the side view arm, and the main part of the end view before making my first stitch on the end view. It makes a nicely, evenly-centered entire design on the fabric.

Cross Stitch Along Part 6

Hopefully by next time I will be deep into the fine-line world of outlining, with all those little x's completed.  I enjoy taking up my stitching materials even more, now that I can see the graceful lines of a Featherweight standing out bold and clear.

 Keep on stitching!


Cross Stitch Along Photo 7