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Featherweight Days - A Featherweight Shop Annual Event
by Ashley Fritsche

Featherweight Days is the Featherweight Shop's Annual Event!

We are happy to announce our annual event that will take place 2/21 & 2/22 to commemorate the Singer Featherweight Models 221 & 222 (see what we did there?) Singer first came out with the Featherweight Model 221 on October 12, 1933 – commissioning their first batch of 10,000 sewing machines. Following this, the Model 222 was introduced in July 1953 (read full history here).

To celebrate our flagship, and much-loved machines, we host an online event with prizes, videos, sales and more! The idea for Featherweight Days came from Christian, Carmon and April’s son, who cleverly noticed the dates 2/21 & 2/22 also stood for the Singer Featherweight Models 221 & 222. What better days to celebrate these machines than the days that represent the model numbers?


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